• Doritos Roulette

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    Would you buy a bag of Doritos where 25% of the chips are crazy spicy? It's an interesting idea that should be great fun at parties.

  • Pop Secret does a spot that would have been marginally funny in 1996.

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    A "Micro-Rave"? Really? You're basing your spot around a bad pun from something that peaked in the late 90's?

  • Facebook gets in on the soccer craze.

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    The World Cup is not over! There's still time for marketers to squeeze in some more soccer… er… football-themed spots!

  • Stop the spread of junkface.

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    Don't know what junkface is? You will, whether you want to or not.


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    As we've always said, everything is better in slo-mo. Shot on a Phantom Miro LC320s.


  • PJA promotion time.

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    PJA Advertising + Marketing has elevated Senior Vice President, Digital, Robert Davis to Executive Vice President, Strategy. In his new role, Mr. Davis will continue oversight of digital, and will now have additional responsibility overseeing the strategy, media and analytics teams across PJA’s Cambridge and San Francisco offices.

    Mr. Davis joined PJA in 2010 having served as Director of Strategic Services at THINK Interactive in Atlanta.

    Congrats on the promotion.

  • The Hive wins project for Berkeley Extension.

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    SF's The Hive Advertising announced today that UC Berkeley Extension has selected them to oversee a new brand campaign for spring 2015 enrollment.

    “We're excited to be working with another marketing team within the University of California system and to help them increase enrollments and build recognition for their brand,” said DeeAnn Budney, Founder/CEO/Creative Director of the Hive. “We feel well qualified to do a first-rate job for UC Berkeley Extension by creating differentiation in a competitive category and using authentic brand stories.”

    Congrats on the new assignment.

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