• Kevin Spacey for eTrade?

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    We never thought in a million years that we'd see Kevin Spacey doing eTrade commercials. But there he is with his trademark monologue and snark. We're interested to see where this campaign goes. God knows it's light years better than the baby campaign.

  • We'd hit that: Hands-on design workshops presented by AIGA SF & Adobe

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    AIGA San Francisco is partnering with Adobe to promote a series of four hands-on design workshops that will give you a solid foundation for executing your creative projects.

    The workshops include building responsive websites, designing websites with Adobe Muse CC and creating an iPad app without writing code. These workshops are intended for those looking to create and deliver compelling designs, streamline your workflow process, and learn tips and tricks on industry standard technologies.

    All workshops will be held at the Adobe SF headquarters located at 601 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94103.

    Get full details on the first workshop here.

  • Sorry, but at -25, we're not stopping either.

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    We're starting to tire of stuntvertising, especially when it's as bland as this one for Garage Sale, the charity auction site. Of course no one stopped - it was NEGATIVE TWENTY FIVE DEGREES OUT.


  • Drunk driving PSA hits home without saying a word.

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    Nice conceptual French drunk driving PSA that doesn't resort to the tired interviews with maimed people or someone who killed someone else. In fact, there's no VO at all. Yet it still delivers the message loud and clear.


  • Winners of the 4th Annual iPhone Film Festival

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    Grand Prize Winner
    Conrad Mess’ – The Other Side

    Music Video
    1st Place
    Terry Poison – “Gorgeous”
    From Israel

    1st Place
    Errol Schwartz – “Magic Bullet”
    From South Africa

    Cinematography & Documentary
    1st Place
    The Film Artist– “A short Journey Budapest” "
    From United Kingdom
    "Instrumental-Dhoom:3 Overture"

    Animation & Stop Motion
    1st Place
    Wilson López – “F@$% the police”
    From Dominican Republic

    All shot entirely on an iPhone.

    Winners of the 4th Annual iPhone Film Festival from iPhone Film Festival on Vimeo.

  • BUNTES GOLD - Facade projection

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    These building projections seem to have fallen out of favor recently, but this one's nicely done.

    BUNTES GOLD | Facade projection from URBANSCREEN on Vimeo.

  • 32 Under 32: Kai Hasson

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    One more week of 32 Under 32 interviews left to go. Kicking it off this Monday - Portal A Creative Director Kai Hasson. Read up on this rising San Francisco talent.

  • Help.

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    We've got to say, these Facebook spots are growing on us. They're simple, tie directly to a product benefit and are acted in a way that doesn't seem "acted" at all. Very nice.

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