• Someone actually made the Pixar lamp.

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    Now they just need it in white.

    Pinokio from Pinokio on Vimeo.

  • This dude is having a bad day. Or so he thinks.

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    "Steven couldn't see how his day could get any worse, but that's because he's is looking the wrong way."

    Blind Spot from Matthew K. Nayman on Vimeo.

  • 'Twas the Jordan Knight Before Christmas

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    CP+B's latest for Old Navy features Jordan Knight spreading joy and Old Navy gifts with the help of his pals — the Three Wise Boyz II Men and the official voice of Christmas himself, Johnny Mathis. Old Navy's testing YouTube's new annotation feature by hiding hot spots in the video. The first people to find them can win one of 2,000 hardcover The Jordan Knight Before Christmas books — some even signed by Jordan himself. Old Navy will release new ones every few days through December 24.


  • FIFA 13 | Christmas spot

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  • Kilikia Cognac - SNL spot or no?

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    Admit it, you were hoping there was a punchline at the end of this cliché-ridden spot. Some kind of funny SNL-like twist.

  • Manifold and the Lytro camera turn your photos into awesome claymation.

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    Lytro - the mind-blowingly incredible camera that lets you focus AFTER you take the shot - just launched a new campaign with SF agency Manifold - “The Lytro-izer”

    “The Lytro-izer”, lets people compete for a chance to have their photos recreated in claymation and captured as Lytro living pictures.

    Lytro is inviting consumers to get creative and submit funny, dramatic or just plain weird photos. Over the next three days, the best of the best will be “Lytro-ized” – first professionally transformed into claymation scenes and then captured in the light field as living pictures, which people can refocus and share with friends and family. The Lytro-izer is a collaboration between Manifold, Lytro and Screen Novelties, the award-winning stop-motion animation team that’s credited with creating MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, It’s a SpongeBob Christmas holiday special, and Robot Chicken.

    Starting today at 7am PT and for the following 72 hours, the Lytro-izer will take nominations to see who should be Lytro-ized next. All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself or your favorite moment to @Lytro via Twitter using the hashtag #LytroMe.

    If you’re chosen, The Lytro-izer will do it’s magic, then tweet you back your recreated living picture.

  • Goodbye Movember, Hello Decembeaver

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    You knew this was coming. For the record, we're for it. Send us your agency team photos.

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