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Anyone who has given me a holiday-season hug has probably surmised, “Man, I bet this guy likes peanut butter.” And I do. But try as I might, I can’t get my son, Charlie, to eat it. There are these peanut-free lunch tables at his school, and I think he sees it as some sort of VIP section. So to join this exclusive group, he pretends to have an allergy. I suppose it’s nice that the kids with the real allergies aren’t looked at as outcasts but rather the Kanyes of the future--their organic, sustainable, nut-free, reusable sack lunches paving the way for the velvet ropes someday separating them from the commoners.

Charlie might actually love peanut butter if he tried it, but for now it represents the great unknown, and I understand where he is coming from. It’s not easy to go outside your comfort zone.

For me, the big thing I learned this year is that stepping out of familiar territory is really good to do.

The first on the short list of new things I tried this year was to become a vegetarian. This began after an ill-fated lunch outing to a place I had never been to called Buffalo Wild Wings. I see their commercials now, and the experience they’re selling is nothing like the one I had sweating, swearing, doubled over on a hotel bed in Naperville, convinced I was dying and no one back home would know I won two rounds of trivia over several baskets of uniquely flavored wings and nachos. I’ve since learned that being a vegetarian, especially when traveling, means a lot of Caesar salads and cheese sandwiches. I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying.

(I promise this won’t be all about food.)

My biggest step into the unfamiliar was after nearly six years at Venables Bell & Partners, I went to BBDO San Francisco. It was very difficult to leave a group of people I love for a new family, but getting a new family is actually really fun. I have a new route to work in the morning. There are different pens than I’m used to that write really nicely, and the city looks different out my desk window than it did a month ago. The way I see it, a different set of challenges, people and opinions is what keeps this business interesting for everybody.

Have a nice holiday.



PS--No hard feelings, Buffalo Wild Wings. Without you, I would not know what the hell quinoa was.


Funny and sweet. 100% Ceej Original. Except the vegetarian bit. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Congratulations on your move, Mr. Jeffers! And here's to a happy new year filled with challenging ourselves and those around us. (btw your writing still makes me laugh and smile.)

- S.Penn

Crock, you are hilarious. Keep kickin ass out there.

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