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Knowing is so comfortable. It’s easy. It’s habit. It pats you on the back and says, “You’ve got it all figured out.” Learning means—well—“not knowing.” It carries with it the sting of that horrible phrase you heard from your parents: “Well, I hope you learned your lesson.” Ouch. That meant that something went wrong. That you made a mistake. That you were less than perfect.

So in the spirit of being “less than perfect,” in no particular order—and pointing no particular fingers—here are a few things that I learned this year:

A glass half full is always better than a glass half empty.

If you’re not having fun, you’re not having fun.

The best ideas don’t always win.

Listening is a completely underrated skill.

A goal is not a strategy.

Social media is not a strategy. (See above.)

They’ll never know what you don’t present. (So make what’s in the room count.)

Time isn’t money. Ideas are money.

Actually, the people behind the ideas are who’re really worth the money.

You can lead from behind.

If you can make someone laugh, you have a chance to convince them of anything.

People who take things too seriously take themselves too seriously. Seriously.

People have stopped putting double spaces after a period. (I know, I know—but it’s habit).

The third bottle is never a good idea.

Travel makes us wiser.

Executive Platinum status probably isn’t worth it.

Don’t cut your own hair.

Get your shoes resoled.

Hugs are important.

Contrary to the popular phrase: Guns DO kill people.

Thank you, “lessons learned.” Bring it on, 2013.


Where's the wisdom in this? I can't see past the arrogance.

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