Goodby catches flak for latest Milk campaign.

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Goodby is out with a new Milk campaign and they're catching some major flak. AdFreak shook their heads and had a harsher review of the PMS-themed campaign.

We really don't see the problem. Men are constantly portrayed in advertising as morons who can't do anything right. They're made fun of for everything from diarrhea to buying the wrong office supplies. But when an advertiser has a little fun with the mood swings involved with women's PMS - everyone's up in arms?

Please spare us the faux outrage and lighten up. The campaign clearly communicates a product benefit and gives people one more reason to stay stocked up on milk. That sounds like great advertising to us.


Some people apparently need to drink more milk.
It really bothers me how people don't have a sense of humor and get up-in-arms over the most trivial stuff. This is humor.

Now drink some milk and take some Xanax.

The core joke is that women are irrational because of their mysterious lady-hormones. It's just a lame sexist stereotype, and I don't think it's funny. I'm sure it will be a hit with the kind of "Men Are From Mars" mindset that loves to pretend men and women are completely different species, but it's really off-putting to the rest of us (you know . . . mysterious, irrational ladies).

I think this is lame, just like the spot for an ice cream bar where someone is rewarded for "listening to their wife for five seconds". Anyone who can't listen to their wife (or partner, etc.) for five seconds should be in solitary confinement...

Are you seriously missing that this campaign is insulting the consumers expected to purchase the product? Someone insults me, I don't buy their shit, simple as that.

Let's get a grip, folks.

A) It's not insulting. It's real life. Are you really going to deny that when your PMS hormones take over you AREN'T more irritable? Of course that happens. And making light of that is fair game. Just like saying "Men, you stink and don't smell manly, so you should smell like this uber-man who wears Old Spice and who your wife/girlfriend is totally in love with."

B) If men didn't purchase products that insulted them, men would stop buying 80% of the products they do.

Get over yourself. Goodby took a consumer problem (PMS) and gave a solution to that problem (Milk) in a light-hearted, slightly exaggerated way that both men and women can identify with.

The problem isn't whether the site is funny. The problem is the fact that it perpetuates a worn out stereotype that is definitely offensive, both for men and women.

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