This dog picked the wrong car to chase.

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Dogs chase cars. This dog picked the wrong car to chase. It's the first of four new spots for the Prius line from Hoffman/Lewis SF.


I actually felt bad for the dog. Probably not their intended reaction, but I didn't really pay attention to the message at all. Totally ineffective.

I felt the same way. I kept hoping the dog wouldn't get run over while running through the streets like that.

Yes, I know the roads were closed for shooting and all, but I'd guess Toyota would rather I be listening to their message instead of worrying about the welfare of their main actor.

Yeah, not a good spot.

I don't own a Prius, but I have rented one several times, and thought about buying one. Now I won't. I feel bad for the dog, and think if a company thinks this is funny I don't want to buy something from them.

Did the little doggie make it back home? What a sick commercial a little dog chasing a car through dangerous streets and then cross country. Somebody is posting flyers on poles trying to find their little pooch.

The dog didn't pick the wrong car to chase, the car company choose the wrong ad agency to use. This promo sucks.

This is a terrible ad. I'm pretty sure that the dog is hit by a gas guzzling car as the dog crosses the highway into the oncoming traffic's lane. What was Toyota thinking when they approved this ad? Such disregard for a dog's life!

I've been a Toyota owner for more than 20 years, and was thinking of buying a Prius this coming year.

Not now. Watching that ad, all I could think of was that little dog running it's paws raw, running itself to death or getting hit.

Total iresponsibility and lack of compassion on the part of the people in the agency who created it, and Toyota for airing it.

I'm glad there are lots of other brands of hybrid cars to choose from.

HORRIFYING! I hope that sick Prius gets t-boned and demolished by a gas-guzzling US-made truck, driven by a dog rescuer who opens the door and the sweet dog to leaps into safety. Then we're all smiles as the dog gets adopted into his forever home by loving humans who will dote on him, and the Prius makers watch their sales drop off the radar screen. I drive a 4Runner and transport dogs in it. I am deeply offended and heartsick every time this wretched excuse for an ad airs.

I hate this ad, it is agony for any animal caring human to watch, especially for anyone who has had an animal struck and killed by a vehicle! If Toyota wants to use a dog in an ad, then do it responsibly. Responsible animal owners do everything in their power to keep their animals safe, they also take every opportunity to teach and set a good example to young and new animal owners. I am shocked that Toyota approved this ad! They could have shown a responsible pet owner with a dog in tow, or have shown a Prius owner saving a dog from a dangerous street.

This commercial should be taken off the air!! What a sick execution of a sick concept!!!! Somebody was sleeping when this was approved!!

I agre stupid ad will never buy another Toyota

This was a horrible commercial. Toyota should pull it immediately. Why would you show something that is encouraging pet owners to be stupid? They clearly don't care about animal welfare.

You guys realize you're nuts right??

If I saw someone letting a dog run after a car I'd either turn them in or kick their ass. What a stupid commercial.

My husband and I really hate this ad. It puts Prius in a very bad light, and we are happy Prius owners. We don't want to be associated with a company that would envision a little dog chasing a car for all those miles. I do hope that Toyota will remove this ad, and find one that is more relevant to the advantages of owning a Prius...

I hate this commercial. I don't know what Toyota was thinking. Is there any way at all to get them to stop airing this????? How many idiots are going to think it's so much fun to get their dog to chase their car so they can film it and put it on youtube or something. I feel bad for the dog. It's not cute, it's not funny, it's pathetic. Shame on Toyota for this ad!

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