BBDO SF continues it's great work for the SF SPCA.

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BBDO SF has been doing some great work for a great cure - the SF SPCA. Now they're out with an anti-puppy mill PSA that's visually very cool and has a message hopefully we all take to heart.

San Francisco SPCA from Jullien Brothers on Vimeo.


Neat spot. There's one thing that always irks me about anti-puppy-mill stuff though. Like the spot says, the dog at the puppy mill doesn't get enough food or water or space. Doesn't he deserve a great home too? And isn't he just as much in need of a rescue? I understand that if we stop buying from puppy mills the idea is that they'll shut down. But I just have never seen this issue as so black and white. It's not the dog's fault he was born in a puppy mill. He's still a living creature that needs a good home.


Title should be "...Its great work for the SF SPCA"

it might be the same opposite, but your just not SP - no matter how hard you try. BRILL#

I can't wait to pit the kids together for my kid...?!? Or for?

Brady doesn't have any affiliation with dog racing or puppy mills?

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