The SF ADDYs to honor Bob Hoffman as Ad Person of the Year.

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Advertising icon Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman/Lewis will be honored by the advertising community at the SF ADDY® Awards Presentation & Gala to be held at SFMOMA on Wednesday evening, March 7th.

Bob has been creating advertising in San Francisco since 1973 for clients like McDonald's, Toyota, Shell, Nestle, Blue Cross, Chevrolet, Pepsico, Bank of America, and more. He's also served as president of the San Francisco Ad Club and as a member of the board of the Advertising and Marketing International Network.

Congrats to Bob on the award.


Are you fucking kidding me? Bob Hoffman?

The guy whose agency got sued for ripping off Jib Jab?

Seriously, name one even mediocre piece of creative that Hoffman/Lewis has EVER done. Just one. And please don't say the visual abortion that is the SFGate page takeovers for Toyota that show that agency doesn't have a fucking clue how to do digital.

Which is no surprise. Bob constantly rants on his blog about how digital advertising doesn't work... yet he still sells it to his clients and takes their money. So which is it Bob? Are you a liar or a fraud?

Considering the length of time Bob's been in SF, it's not a stretch to say he has contributed to more horrific, vomit-inducing, brain-numbing advertising than any single person in SF history. Way to go Bob.

Bob, the dinosaurs are long gone. How about you join them?

And SF ADDY's? Please explain to us what exact criteria you used to award Bob "Ad Person of the Year" over, oh I don't know, people like Paul Venables, PJ Pereira or Rich and Jeff. Hell, pick a random Jr. Writer from Draft - they've contributed more to SF advertising than Bob ever has.

What a fucking joke.

Dear Mr. Hack

Such wisdom coming from such a small mind.

I know who Bob Hoffman is, and I know where to find him. But who are you, and what rock do you live under?

Bob is certainly one of a dozen or so advertising professionals who have helped shape San Francisco advertising for the past 30 years.

And your claim to fame is?


I don't need a claim to fame to read about him getting sued for ripping off someone else.

I don't need a claim to fame to read his blog and know he rails about the ineffectiveness of digital... while he still sells it to his clients.

And I don't need a claim to fame to look through award show books and see there are almost no campaigns of note to be found.

Instead of attacking the messenger why not address some of the very valid points I brought up. Are there sterling examples of amazing Hoffman/Lewis creative I should know about? Please enlighten us. Share what those might be.

If I'm wrong that he was sued, kindly send us a link. No, forget that. We've all seen the Jib Jab lawsuit.

Craig, longevity does not equal influence. Not does it equal talent. "Ad Person of the Year" should be someone who has improved the standing of SF in the ad world's eyes. All Bob does, mostly from his ridiculous blog, is make us more of a laughing stock.

I have to kind of agree with Hack. Just the other day on the Ad Contrarian, Bob posted a screed about how Facebook is horrible for selling things.

I commented using multiple facts and reasons showing why he was wrong - and then proceeded to have a fun debate with another commenter about our differing points of view. There was no profanity used and the debate was quite civil.

Tonight I went back to the comment section... and Bob had deleted ALL my comments. And it's not the first time he's done that to both myself and others who disagree with him.

That's not the mark of a good creative person. That's the mark of a bully who doesn't want to hear any point of view other than his own. Bob wants to play his little "contrarian" schtick without anyone questioning him, because when people do, it's clear the emperor has no clothes.

I think it's laughable someone thinks he's the "Ad Person of the Year" when he clearly doesn't even understand how you can use Facebook to actually sell product.

Getting selected "Ad Person of the Year" is the best sales job Bob's done in years.

Mediocre work or less for NorCal Toyota and McDonald's have kept that place afloat for decades. And that's the way they like it. Two big brands, that thanks to national advertising practically sell themselves. If local sales take a dip, H/L just takes the 'yell louder' approach.

Bob's just cashing the checks and using his time to bash a medium he doesn't understand. The act of deleting comments on his own blog proves that.

It's one thing if you're good and you're a dick. People will put up with attitude if you can deliver amazing work.

Unfortunately Bob is all the former and does none of the latter. And the sad thing is, he's created this Ad Contrarian persona which not only forces him to rip on things he doesn't even understand (the web), it also precludes him from even WANTING to learn about it.

There's a reason his clients are subsets of major, stuck-in-the-past brands (car dealers, fast food) - because they understand the web even less than Bob does. It's a perfect match.

Hoffman/Lewis will muddle along until Bob retires. Then maybe someone with some foresight will join the shop and bring it into the 21st century. Have to agree with the other posters. It's pretty disappointing to see the Addys award him something to which he's not even the 100th most-qualified person on the list.

He did it again. Last night I simply asked why he was deleting my comments on his blog and this morning he had even deleted that comment too.

What kind of guy posts something on his blog that's not even true, and then when challenged on it, simply deletes the comments? Shame on you SF ADDYS for honoring such a douchebag.

Bob, you're a coward.

(And that's a comment you can't delete.)

If you want to know why Bob Hoffman is getting ad person of the year, this is why:

He's going to retire soon and all his buddies on the addy board wanted to award him something before he goes.

There is not a single person in the SF ad community who thinks Bob and his agency have done anything of note - ever. They crank out bad-to-semi-bad advertising year after year. Their St. Louis office does the same crappy work. And Bob gets to yell at kids to get off his digital lawn on his blog.

No he doesn't deserve the award. But Bob's spent his entire career suckering clients into giving him business. This is no different.

Well, if you douche bags do not know by now that ALL awards shows are essentially run by cliques who honor their cronies, blood relatives and mistresses, you need to get lives. Then again, reading and commenting at the SF Egotist says it all.

Most all of the work that comes from H/L totally blows, agreed. I also agree with many other things being said. However, the point about the agency getting sued over a "ripoff" is totally irrelevant. I'm sick of hearing all the ripoff bullshit.

I've worked in this business for a LONG time and struggle to name an agency that hasn't been accused of ripping off something over the years. Everybody likes to think that they were to the first create something, the reality is that ALL creative work is borrowed/inspired by what came before it; the idea of originality is myth. Your either on the cusp of the trend or at the tail end of it. If your slightly too late to the party, at some arbitrary point, it suddenly becomes unoriginal. But in reality, its all bullshit.


Yeah, everyone rips off everyone. But it's not often the agency's client actually gets sued for it.

Guys, we're talking about ADDYs, right? Local award that doesn't mean dick outside the general city limits. Even the major trades don't cover this shit – that's why there are blogs like this one to spotlight the irrelevant items for the irrelevant ad people. OK, the guy's shop is getting sued. Pretty certain even W+K has faced lawsuits. So maybe Bob deletes comments from his blog. Um, it's his blog. Why the fuck would anyone even go to a blog published by someone they hated? You'd think folks like that would prefer to spend their time masturbating. Or maybe they're masturbating while leaving angry comments. Whatever. Hope you do well at the ADDYs, and can go to the podium to receive your bronze and use the opportunity to blast Hoffman.

Just the fact that the old dude has hung on this long, doing work so thoroughly inspipd, and getting clients to pay for it -- he deserves a frickin' medal. Let him have his day. Now get back to work. :)

I see very few negative comments on the SF Egotist (to their credit). It must say something that I bunch of people have come here to rip one guy.

Based on what I've heard from people who actually know this dude, it is stunning and sad to see him receive this or any recognition whatsoever. The ones who made this decision might want to wipe the collective egg off their faces.

Um, this is San Francisco, right? If your name is not Jeff Goodby or Rich Silverstein, you have no business critiquing others in the community. In fact, you might want to follow Goodby's and Silverstein's lead by acting with a little more class. Just a thought.

BTW, I occasionally read Hoffman's blog – and i've even criticized him there without getting my comment deleted. Regardless of his accomplishments, real or imagined, I'd wager he's done much more than the jerk-offs on this thread.

I'm sure the contributions of all these "genius" haters will be recognized next year.

Whether you think Bob deserves this award or not, it's interesting to see that all his defenders have done is try and attack the messengers.

I don't know a thing about him or his agency, but can someone link to something good he's done?

No Name, are you a retard? Hoffman's critics have done nothing but attack the man with flimsy gripes. His defenders have not only attacked the messengers. Many of them have pointed out the silliness of the attacks. Hoffman is not being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. The One Show is not giving him a lifetime achievement award. He isn't getting a special Lion from Cannes. This is an ADDY award. It will likely proudly display in his agency's lobby. For Christ sake, this lame blog is the only place that even mentioned the event. Get a grip, asswipes.

So we should only hold the big awards up to high standards? Do you tell creatives "Ah hell, we're not doing advertising for Apple or Nike, so it's ok to present mediocre work"?

What's the point of giving an award if it's not for work or service that's the best of the best?

Obviously there are people here who feel like Bob has done very little/nothing to deserve this. I would expect his supporters not to simply call his detractors silly, but to actually refute their claims by showing the fine work Hoffman/Lewis and Bob have done to deserve the award.

Can you do that for us Anonymous?

Well, No Name, he was the former President of the SF Ad Club. Are you saying it's preposterous for the Ad Club to hand an award to an ex-leader of the organization? His agency is a local agency. He does local work for clients like McDonald's, Toyota and Pepsico. Again, I'm not saying he deserves induction into the Advertising Hall of Fame. He's being honored as a local figure in the ad community. From what I can tell, he meets the criteria. Again, outside of GS&P, it's not like you SF guys are lighting the world on fire. I'm inclined to believe Hoffman's work is well above the average for your neck of the woods. And if he truly is undeserving, well, it only means your own chances of one day being honored in such a way are pretty good, no? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, friend.

One more thing, No Name. Take a close look at this thread. There are really about half a dozen haters here. Now go check out any thread at AgencySpy involving GS&P. The vitriol directed at them far exceeds the whiners busting Hoffman’s balls here. Hoffman’s getting sued for allegedly ripping off an idea? Did you catch Silverstein blatantly ripping off a logo and having the audacity to submit it to Cannes last year (and he won)? Ad Age named mcgarrybowen as Agency of the Year – to much protest from folks rightly pointing out the place does mediocre work. The One Club and Cannes have consistently honored scam ads, as countless major agencies have consistently submitted them. What’s the point? Shiny trophies get handed out for all sorts of reasons. And folks want to piss on winners just because they can. But it seems like half a dozen haters for a guy with 35+ years in the business is pretty damn good. How many ad people these days can boast such a feat? Hell, someone ought to give the guy an award.

Funny how heavy the stones are when they're tossed by no names and anonymous posters. Grow a pair all of you and sign your names if you're going to take someone down. I worked for Hoffman Lewis. Uninspired is probably the nicest thing I can say about it. And I won't go into the piffle that is the Addy's discussion because, really, who cares?

So we've got someone who worked there calling the place "uninspired" and a half dozen comments of people who may or may not know Bob but ripped him.

What we still don't have is a single person posting a single piece of Hoffman/Lewis work or a single fact from this year that demonstrates why Bob should receive this award.

It's not a lifetime achievement award. It's not a good guy to work for award. It's not a boosting client sales award.

So can ANYONE give me a reason Bob is the 2011 San Francisco Ad Person of the Year?

No Name,

Because maybe no one else deserved it. GS&P lost lots of business in 2011–in addition to the logo fiasco and PMS milk campaign. Venables? He won it last year. Plus, the agency's work is only so-so. Others here pointed to Draftfcb. You're kidding, right? As previous comments have pointed out, we're talking San Francisco here. Hoffman, meanwhile, has been chugging along at a leisurely clip and entertaining an audience regularly with his blog. How many people are visiting Goodby's blog? BTW, No Name, nobody has to give you a reason. Your opinion on the matter is irrelevant. So get back to work and try to create something that might nab you an ADDY next year.

I rest my case - Hoffman/Lewis didn't win a single Addy and yet somehow Bob Hoffman is Ad Person of the Year?

It's been nearly a week and the best reason anyone can give as to why Bob won this award is "Maybe no one else deserved it."

What a joke.

No Name,

How did you fare in the competition?

My agency won exactly the same number of awards that Hoffman/Lewis did - zero.

Maybe I should have won Ad Person of the Year, too!

hack - you instantly lost any credibility in this debate when you mentioned pj pereira in the same sentence as paul venables, rich, and jeff.

No Name,

Go over to Hoffman's blog and read his unabridged acceptance speech. As I've been saying, he's a local ad man receiving a local ad honor. Based on what he wanted to express, he deserves the respect of his ad community. Shame on you and the assholes on this thread who want to taint the recognition. Start your own agency and let's see where you are in a few decades.

Hey Anonymous,

What is "tainted" is a well-thought-of local award that is now apparently being given out to people who have done zero to earn it. I read his acceptance speech. Way to continue to be an asshole, Bob.

"It seems to me that the creative people make the advertising and everyone else makes the arrangements. What I have never understood is why it takes 5 times as many people to make the arrangements…"

Nice team building there, Bob. Yeah, creative do everything. What a dick.

When I first saw a Jib Jab piece, I was quite amused, even impressed. But in the back of my mind I wondered if Monty Python's Terry Gilliam would be pissed-off or honored to see his animation style completely ripped-off.

@Bob Hoffmanot I must disagree with you that ALL awards are run by "cliques who honor their cronies, blood relatives and mistresses..." The One Show awards (One Show, One Show Design, One Show Interactive and One Show Entertainment) are judged by different sjuries of professionals each year -- and on an anonymous basis throughout the judging process. In judging, the work never makes note of its creatives. Therefore, the Best in Show, Gold, Silver and Bronze Pencil winners are just that, winners who deserve the award based on their work.

Holy cow, Lisa, you are a delusional idiot. The One Club is exactly that – a club of exclusive buddies who judge work in a specific way. The different juries come from a specific pool of (mostly) white guys. It’s no different than, say, the Oscars. Certain types of films win favor with the judges and garner more votes.

No Name,

A well-thought-of local award? You're kidding, right? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds to anyone outside of county lines? As for the perceived swipe at account people, um, when's the last time you saw account people honored at the ADDYs? Seriously. Most account people aren't even qualified to make the arrangements.

Hey Anon, at good agencies, the account people actually help make the creative better and help sell in the good creative so it sees the light of day.

You must work at Hoffman/Lewis - a shitty agency run by a hack asshole with account people who bend over and take it in the ass from the client daily. If Bob thinks account people are useless, why does he employ them? Why doesn't he just fire them and do it himself? Oh yeah, because he's a fucking no talent hack who wouldn't know good creative (or good account people) if it crawled up his ass and wiggled.

We all know you work for H/L. Only someone from there would come back here time and time again to defend that piece of shit. So stop. Just stop.

everyone who has posted here is a fucking retard (except me of course, ha ha ha).

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