The Purple Onion - an iconic local comedy spot gets its time in the spotlight.

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Here's a cool local production by Matt Szymanowski and team about a great local topic - The Purple Onion comedy club. They're looking to raise some funds, so check it out and contribute.

The Purple Onion, is an offbeat feature-length, comic-drama film about the most unfortunate stand-up comedian you have never heard of.

Our well-intentioned and increasingly more hapless comedian works as a dishwasher and hopes to move up to server. Most of all, he wants to get on stage and perform comedy; but gradually more serious, absurd and unexpected obstacles prevent him from doing so. The comedian’s estranged and single mother suddenly moves in to her son’s tiny apartment; she’s lost everything and her home to foreclosure. All she wants is to find a job and to reconnect with her son but instead she finds herself the scapegoat for his shortcomings. In constant conflict with society and each other, mother and son strive to improve their lots while attempting to come to terms with their mutual and troubled past. Filial responsibility vs. creative independence, free will vs. fate, and loneliness vs. companionship are core themes in The Purple Onion.

The Purple Onion Pitch from matt szymanowski on Vimeo.


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