In Memory of Liz Morton.

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It seems so incomplete to simply say that EVB's receptionist, Liz Morton, died last Friday morning from complications related to treating pancreatic cancer, an illness that she did not even realize that she had before Thanksgiving.

That is merely a sentence that describes what happened to her, not who she was, how she lived or all the thousands of lives she touched in 28 years of working at 55 Union Street. And those are the important things that we want to remember now.

To say Liz was one-of-a-kind does not nearly do her justice. To say she was a badass and a sweetheart at the same time was only part of her charm. To try and explain the incredible, wonderful, exquisite soul that was Elizabeth Morton, we'll let those who knew her best tell their stories.

Rest in motherfucking peace, Liz.


Such a sweet, generous, funny, caring and brave woman.

For all the years I've known her, whenever I'd walk through the doors at 55 Union I was always greeted with a warm: "Soto, what the fuck are you doing here again?" (Clients present or not).

Travel well Liz. Heaven just got a whole lot more interesting.

I hope Liz is eating all the Peanut Brittle she can get her hands on and teaching the angels to belly dance and swear like truck drivers.

One of the true San Francisco originals with a heart of gold and a badass attitude to match it.

Amazing to think how many agencies Liz saw come and go in that building. And how many of those agencies have Liz pillows in their apartments and houses.

RIP Liz- you are a true original, in a city full of originals.

In honor and memory of Liz, EVB will be hosting "A Celebration of Liz Morton" next Friday, January 18th at 5:00pm. It is an open event. All who knew her and loved her are welcome to attend.

A Celebration of Liz Morton
Friday- January 18, 2013
55 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Liz and I had been in and out of touch over the years. What a character! Always cracked me up! I know she loved her job and loved dance. I knew her from her old Grapeleaf days. Back then we hung out all the time. Last time we spoke was a year ago and yesterday, sadly I found out about her passing. Yes....the world will have a little less humor without her...I'm sure she's designing pillows in heaven for angels.

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