Best ad for a boxing gym ever. Seriously. Ever.

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The Church Street Gym in New York is home to former pro boxer Eric Kelly. And he is, without a doubt, the best possible spokesman for a gym in this history of gym spokespeople. If we lived in NYC, we'd join in a heartbeat. Absolutely hilarious.



Oh hell yes! I'm thinking about moving there right now! Dude is of his mark about three feet, but hell, that's the kind of motivation we all need. Awesome. Simply awesome.


What a jerk. Those Wall St. guys he's making fun make millions and go home to hotter women than he'll ever get. If he was in my gym, I'd find a personal trainer who can actually teach. Just because you're good at something does not make you a good teacher. He just sounds like a total douchebag.

Yeah but those hot women they go home to grab their wallets and not their dicks

@Monty, I guess you are a little dude that works on Wall Street. That dude is funny as hell

One thing I know he can't teach is Class. You have to have it to teach it.

You all can say whatever u want, but this guy is hilarious.
I almost peed in my pants i laughed so hard! He should have his own reality show.

Whoever takes offense to this video is probably the same kind of person he's joking about. I bet at the end of the day those dudes in that gym all have something good to say about the guy and if they don't all they have to do is stop paying him and take their money to another gym. I'm sure 90% of the time the students probably laugh at themselves when the teacher picks on them. Be a man, pull your skirt down and workout!

Look at those dudes, they're a bunch of pussies without a doubt. The man is just calling it the way he sees it. If you don't like what he has to say go fuck yourself.

you can learn alot from a dummy :)

This is bloody fantastic.

I agree, I'm sure they have fun alongside his commentary.

You can't take offense to this. If you do, your super anal

and wound up tighter then a ball of string.

Be great if Eric got in actors. Tom Cruise, etc.etc.

That's a saturday night live skit.

Viral hits in the millions.

That video was hilarious. He was like a stand up comedian, and in all fairness he called it like he saw it, class be damned. That's a guy who would be fun to hang out with.

Honesty... love it...a rare commodity these daze ...

haha that guy makes a lot of jokes for a cock-eyed wash-up

talking shit is an integral part of combat sports.
god bless eric kelly

Droopy eye, thug wanna be, getto trash muthafuka, he lucky I dont go to that gym I'll shut that other eye for him so they both look even, punk muthrfuka.........

I can't figure why anybody took a pool cue to this steaming POS. lol. He is funny for a minimum wage goon. At least he has an "eye" on his future as a true boxing teacher. He doesn't teach the jab, uppercut,jab, jab, dodge the pool stick move does he?

"Those look like 1977 eastern conference finals shorts" LMAO!!! FKDJGHDFKJHGDF

HUGO if you went to that gym not only would you get made fun of, but along with that knocked the hell out! I saw this guy fight he was great. And yes he is a real thug!!! Those guys go there and pay money to take abuse so he must not be all that bad! Would you rather he be all nice and not honest; people only want the truth when it is something good! Those grown men were laughing at themselves. It is adults having a laugh one another, the world needs more this!

haha was reading peoples comments, when did every one turn into little sensitive fairies. Thats why you wouldn't last a day in his shoes. You're all far too sensitive.

I agree with most of these people. Guy is a classic. If you're calling him trash and etc then you obviously have no sense of culture or what is going on. Stop being pussys and arrogant fucks about it and figure it out. It's for a laugh idiots. There are credits at the end for shits sake, obviously many of these guys were in on the joke. It would be a blast to work out there and not some uptight shithole where arrogant pricks like Hugo sit around and take everything so seriously. And if you ever played sports on a team growing up you would know that this is how guys operate around each other when they aren't in competition (not prancing around like tools in their tennis cardigan.)

Awesome, what a funny bastard.

I think it's obvious it's supposed to be a joke

he is my hero...

Are you people serious? The man is joking.

Really funny shit.

hugo and monty have a fantastic case of "internet strength." it's easy to talk trash behind a computer screen. Learn how to take a joke. This dude's hilarious.
Sorry he made fun of how much you hate your job, monty :-(

These nerds can pay his salary. He can playfully insult some of these guys but he should make it fun so they keep coming back and pay his bills.

Funniest shit ever. Just about died laughing. Even the posts. Gota work on my dodge the pool cue move when next at the gym. LOFL

I love this dude!

Hopefully this was a spoof and not his real attitude and character. He must be really bitter and hurting inside. That's why he feels the need to make fun of others. It's a reflection on how he feels about himself. After all, a stupid street fight ended his career and probably took his self-worth with it. So this is his way of feeling sorry for himself. It's really sad. And if you think for one minute he's happy, you are sadly mistaken. I hope he finds solace in his heart someday. We live in a cruel world and we need to help each other. It's the only way we're gonna make it. Together.

This is just what guys do when we see each other a lot. Friends rip on friends. Calm down people.

I'm a female that you used to train in MMA. He's funny, but I wouldn't pay to take his verbal abuse. That's me, though. All those guys have a choice to not train there if they don't like him, but for all we know, his words may actually help them improve. My instructor used to poke fun at us when we'd mess up. We would strive to improve techniques as not to be one of the people mildly embarrassed in class. None of it was a big deal and it built camaraderie.

There's that great saying about staying out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat. There's a few real crybabies commenting on here, lol.

If this guy gets a reality show, I have to get cable.

Yes he is very serious and committed to what he loves to do...Laughter in your Life would not hurt....Shit I am laughing out very loud now...Eric is my 1st cousin, and started boxing when he was atleast six years old.....His eye was injured, but his love of boxing stands strong and will last as long as he lives....Hugo get a life because Eric will kick your ass with both his eyes closed....That is just Eric, love to make people laugh, but serious about what he is saying. Yep he talk shit but real real shit. Get a life Hugo and get your Eric Kelly ON. NOT YOUR PERIOD YOU ASS HOLE. Love You Eric, and so do the Wall Street people you train, and any ome else you may train....I did not hear no one you were training and talking real shit to complain......Sometimes the truth may hurt, but you can learn alot from it.......Much love again and again.

@ Sarah, yes he definately should have his own reality show....LOL.....Eric is a boxer, but he can stand toe to toe with the best comedians, anytime and anyday. That's just him all the time.

This is great!

I decorated the gym walls for extra credit...!

Totally verified(not verified) is totally the cleverest comentor- just this one comment specific. I am so stunned by it...!

I met and trained under him a few times. Yes, that's how he really is in the gym, and yes he will call you a dumb muthafucker if you screw up. But still, one of the most genuine and charismatic person that I have ever met and the people at the gym love him. And also, he can still fight his ass off with one good eye. Yes. . . he will beat your ass.

people are afraid to say it like it is.....this guy calls a spade a spade!

people are afraid to say it like it is.....this guy calls a spade a spade!

He must be very bitter and hurting inside? Haha. This dude got hit upside his head with a pool cue. He's got brain damage. Ain't about being bitter. It's about all these damn Wall St. nerds coming into the man's gym with their 1972 Eastern conference shorts all tight up in their ball bags.

Can you tell who the Wall St. dicks that posted comments are. Hey guys. stop taking yourselves so seriously. Your jobs for the most part are a joke.

Dude is fooking funny, says it to their face not from behind, its his way of encouragement believe it or not lol, dude need his own TV gym show lol

That video was funny as Hell. Still laughing!!!!!

"Yeah they making money working on wall street, but in their mouth is where all the balls meet"

This clown is not actually a contender in the boxing world. He was never a professional boxer, and only did moderately well in the amature world. Aren't boxers supposed to have quick reflexes? This guy couldn't dodge a pool cue.

And what about this ad makes you want to go to this gym? What idiot who posted in these comments likes to be insulted as they work out? People who go to gyms like this go to learn - it isn't a secret that they dont know what they are doing. Its the equivalent of going to a kindergarten classroom and making fun of kids trying to read because you can do it at an amature level. I'd love to see them lose all their "wall street" clients and replace them with people who know how to box who would probably kick the crap out of gimp eye kelly. Amature has-beens are a dime a dozen, this gym should replace this clown with someone who respects their clients and is committed to teaching. what does it say about him as a teacher that all of his clients suck balls?

Hilarious that he also has no idea what occurs on wall street with his dumb ignorant one-eyed analogy "go to wall street with a briefcase and start typing". is that really the best you could come up with?

next time someone swings a pool cue at your head, duck, you fcking idiot. and anyone that goes to this gym and puts up with being insulted and abused you are a pathetic dueshbag and probably get clowned on the street as well. that's wall street, not "the street" as referred to by lazy-eye where apparently armed bandits run wild with pool cues.

What a Legend!

I want to join his gym! He cracks me up cause he is right about eveything he says...its just that it isnt very nice and usually what you just think.

Rock on!

Damn, Im sorry I live halfway across the world. I think I would work hard training with this guy because he would motivate you to do your best.

I am a female, and I wouldnt take his comments personally. Well, only if he said I sucked. But I dont, cause I train hard-so he wouldn't, lol.

More from this guy please! He is hillarious. Someone give Eric Kelly his own show, now!

It's just natty design and Æ...! #Enjoy

Is This NECESSARY? is anybody out there? ...Felix ? ...Brian ? ...Space Cowboys ?

Quite funny, but only in a cr***y, reality TV kinda way, but, you just wonder why he is employed there. Hardly a great motivator and clearly not a teacher. Do you have access to any figures for how many of their gym members quit after this film !?
(and he can't get me, since I'm miles away in the UK !)

Well, if you have to pick were to move to, that's a great place.

Worst instructor ever, but man that dude is funny as hell.

Clearly this is a gym to hang out for a good time and a few laughs, anyone serious about boxing is going to train with a real instructor. Being skilled at your craft does not automatically make you good at teaching it to others. When practically all of the students suck, there's only one person to blame for that.

Go to Gleason's Gym, get real instruction from people who aren't assholes like this guy

One of the funniest things I ever seen...

One of the funniest things I ever seen...

If you're gonna call someone a douchebag but you spell it wrong then it really means you're the douchebag. Eric is the man.

People taking offense to this should stop being so sensitive. This is absolutely hilarious and likely was done as a joke.

I only saw one miscreant there.. His mouth got him into too much sh*t, he couldn't even take a guy with a pool stick. Go home, wonk eye!

Rule 1 of Fight Club - No talking about Fight Club

But seriously, when you go to a Boxing gym in NYC, prepare to get toughened up physically and mentally. Training is about self improvement and self discipline. If the trainer pushes your buttons, then get tougher.

The dude in the video may be a little tough on the clients but they pay their money and show up. All they have to do, if they don't want to stop going.

Don't get in the ring, if you don't plan to get hit.

LOL, this guy is awesome.

I'm a nerd who couldn't box my way out of a plastic bag, and even I lol'd.

I can't decide what's funnier the video itself or all the wall st. guys posting on here saying how unfair he is to his clients. LOL.

That video is straight comedy, if you take offense to it???? Then you have issues, if he was in a comedy stage you would pay top dollar to see him.

Ya'll do realize he actually does train and coach right? He's giving these guys shit and then they cut out the part where he's tellin'em what they're doin wrong.....

I love it... dude is hilarious. I would join just to f with him and have fun doing it

Love this guy! He is truthful and funny! I am sure he was a terrific fighter and his personality makes him a great trainer and fighter! AWESOME!

Monty is right, the Wall St. types do make millions and have hot wives, but I'd bet a good percentage of them will one day walk in to find their hot wives banging a guy like Eric Kelly. You can't win, the most you can do is have a few laughs.

He called them wall street types. that doesn't mean they are wall street types. they might just be nerds. not internet nerds. not wall street nerds. just nerds who play video games and dress like Monty.


I bet those dudes are scared to go to any other gym, they'd be getting raped for bing such pussies.
This dude would protect his bitches.
He's just keeping it real

Some of you pricks out there have to get a life. The video was made to make people laugh. Mission accomplished. Figure it out!

I want to take boxing lessons from the pool cue. The pool cue must kick total ass if it beat this guy.

Very funny. Anyone who takes offense is likely on the short side of Bank of America's current stock price... if you know what I mean.

Oh man that was gold....

"They just not athletic people."

"I bet somebody gave you a wedgie on your way here."



Animal sums up the problem of Wallstreet this past decade.

I'd be a funny talker too, if I got my eye knocked low by a pool cue, which Wallstreet client was it? Good reason to stay outta their bar turf and continue to pump up the talk motivation...!

Whoever jabs pool ques in your eye, is as awesome a person as your best friend Tanya Harding...! Which is everyone in virtual space.

Good alternative here. Much fun, love, and character at this unique gym!

Funest Boxing Digital Ad I've Seen...!

this guy is hilarious.... the douchenozzles going to that gym dont want instruction anyway.. they just want to say they go to a "real" boxing gym.

Well, he's funny. And, nobody should ever take anything like his rants personally. But, in Texas, we sort of believe in the idea that those who talk the most usually do the least. Seems if those boys up there want to horse around in a gym with some boxing gear then there in the right place and Eric is perfect. I boxed in college. Not bad, not great. But, the best fight I ever had was the one I avoided. This is sort of like firearms, boys. If you're not planning on pulling the trigger, don't draw. If you aren't planning on boxing, and likely getting the s*** beat out of you, try running, or pilates, or something else that's better for you. LOL, that Eric fellow seems to fit the bill of "big hat, no cattle." Take it easy boys, hell's only half full.

'Put Up or Shut Up!'

Not funnier than Joan Rivers on ,'the Talk' today about comics, especially women vs. men comics, now that was true.

Eric Kelly is funny and I'm sure he has some talent where his mouth is and does good in a needy community. Peace.

Boo Hoo...!

The Kardashians have a TV show, but this guy doesn't? He's a damn star.

Ya that Monty fool is a straight up pussy whom has never been coached and most of these bitch ass trainers have never been athletes as well. That's real shit picking your self up regardless of words and doing it right.. This isn't church nor baby sitting.. So go back to equinox and have that fake ass athlete who's never competed train and be nice to you.. Hey if being a real athlete was easy then every one would be but it's not. I'm sick of these whinny soft bitch ass men. Grow some balls and be a warrior!!

I suppose it is like everything else a itsy, having the Coice where you go and what you get, and what training you get.

If this was a reality show, I would watch it.

People, can you take a joke?? To those of you debating this man's integrity - lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously!!

I think fighting is taken the wrong way, there is a lot more to it, and well comedy and boxing onto mere entertainment what's not hilarious about it! The boring, crazy debate makes me role my eyes... We are trying to do something here!

There needs to be a not serious rating for **COMEDY**

Can some of the candyasses sit down? These nerds sign up and pay for this. Why? Because most likely they grew up and live in a part of our society that is too afraid to tell you like it is. Country Club members brag with watches and cars and their big deals. They find it refreshing to be spoken to like this. Fu*k your college education and your salary and your car. Learn to be humble and accept that you are not perfect and at times we all are ridiculous. Quit being so self important and taking yourself so seriously. We can learn a lot from failure and our society has gotten too comfortable with making it OK to be average...or below average. No excuses. You suck. You are doing it wrong. You look ridiculous. It's OK to be told these things. Get over it. And if this guy makes you feel uncomfortable and hurts your little feelings then don't sign up and don't pay for it. My friends talk to each other this way. Most of them played college football and this is just the way guys like this communicate with each other. Some make of lot of money some of them don't but when we get together that is thrown out the window and get ready to get told like it is. And we appreciate each other for it. God, I really wish this planet would grow a pair and quit being so sensitive.

Bottom line is, how's that commercial workin for the biz? If it is working, more power to em. If not, this guy needs a serious attitude adjustment. Life is too short to be made miserable and pay money for it. I'd feel miserable with that kind of chatter ... guess it was all hyperbole and he's not that bad in reality. Hope so for him.

"Sure they makin money workin on Wall Street but in they mouth's where all the balls meet" - perfect

For All Of Those Who Have Their Panites In A Bunch Due To This Video Need To Loosen Their Thongs!!!!

This is by far the most funniest video I have seen all year!!!!

I also agree with those that say he needs his own reality show....

Thank God for this video! I have not laughed that hard for quite some time. Kelly is authentic and funny and tells it exactly like it is without a hint of bullshit. And I love the way he supports and talks about his employees. But I would be a bit intimidated in terms of actually meeting him because I kinda lean towards being more like the clients like the upper cut guy. I am not sure I could take the exasperation in person. Even the idea of it makes me laugh out loud.

He's proven himself in the ring anyone that says he can beat him is an Internet Liar. You are just good at typing. I agree with the guy above, some people have their panties in a bunch.

Oh boy, Eric is soo intimidating. There are no sissies in boxing. Don't approach him or talk to him just stare and shout etc. Wall street goofs on Rey Rey,

This is great!

The Monty guy is a lame ass for even being offended. he is probably in front of his comuter wearing his 1972 eastern conf championship shorts right now. what a loser!

lol..alot of these cats, I just wish they would forget the address to this gym...

..alot of these people are miscreants...

Comedy gold. Has he got a show yet?? c'mon cable give him a show!!

I dont care if he is just acting, and this is's better than any crap the Kardashian/Jersey shore clan pump out..

Obviously not a big believer in positive re-enforcement.

Hilarious! I can understand why he thinks those goofballs are a joke. The biggest joke is on him though-blew a career where he would be making millions in a "street altercation" I wonder if he made stupid remarks to someone holding a pool cue? LOL

The guy is funny. He says what thinks which is probably what his students say when they leave the gym. Love his approach. Retarded is retarded.

it is rather funny to see these little jewish wanna-bes try to "box"

only appropriate that they get made fun of by a real boxer for their totally effeminate way of boxing... jewish guys are pretty schlubby, like good ol' bruce wasserstein

It's not surprising that an altercation (pool stick across his face) ended his career.

Oh suck it up, this guy is great. All you pussies apparently have never worked out at a real boxing gym.

Who 'Trained' the menatlity of this creature?

You can't polish a turd

If this guy was my trainer, I would be laughing all the time. I think one could learn alot from this guy tho. I took some boxing lessons for about one month 50 years ago. Everytime I hit someone in the face, I felt bad about it. Everytime someone hit me, I got pissed off....HAHA

1. Those Wall Street guys are LUCKY to interact with somebody who will tell them the truth. It must be a relief for many of them who must listen to corporate lies all day. The men in the video seem to realize that.

2. I LOVE it that he called them miscreants. That was my favorite part.

I've personally heard some Wall Street fellows talk about others. No different than Mr Kelly. His version of talk is street. Something Wall Street boys wouldn't understand.

Absolute comedy! I agree with Eric...those pudussies punch like queens! Classic.

Cant believe all the knucklehead comments here. It was a funny video intended to be funny. The dude is a riot and keeps it real. It's bothersome that there are so many dolts here that are critiquing his "training style" and don't get that the video was made for laughs! I agree he should have his own reality show. Sign him up!

Come on! Not one of those guys is at his level. If one of them were his ass would have been punched a long time ago. There is not one fighter in boxing or MMA that would take that shit from his mouthy ass!

Dude's hilarious.

Bless. He hurt Monty's feelings. Monty and all the other wedgied-up whiners need have a teaspoon of cement and harden up.

New product. Leave your phone numbah and eric will call your house and tell you how much you suck.

Didn't Like this guy at first. Still don't like him. But after reading the yelp reviews and watching this again, he's not so hateable. I would be mad if I got payed money to be intimidated and humiliated and not taught anything. I would try to get my money back actually. If they didn't give it to me I would take them to small claims court. Don't mind wasting their time and mine since they wasted mine first. I learned one thing from this, its to research what you're getting into, so you don't show up like and eager little bitch. And risk wasting you time and getting pissed. Go in with an understanding, so you know how to get the most out of something.

This is so funny. I'm definitely going to sign up soon. Bringing my lame Wall St ass down there.

"When I mentioned that I owned no diamonds (weird topic, I know) he said 'this is because you're cheap. You're tight. In fact tighter than a frog's ass.' Excuse me?"

Fantastic. I'm sorry but the guys going to this gym know what they are getting into. He has a lot of return customers so they expect to get beat down. Plus the guy doing the upper cuts deserved to get razzed. That is embarrassing, my two year old son can hit harder than that.

Hilarious!!!! He tells it like it is!

I've actually gone to this gym and trained under him. He's the same way in real life as he is in the video. To be honest, he's a funny guy and I'm sure he's a good boxer, but he was not a very good teacher. He didn't really try to teach technique like other coaches I've had. That's really the reason I stopped going to that gym.

This is absolutely hysterical! hahaha! Of course I feel a little bad for those guys, but.... You have to learn somehow! He uses tough love and sarcasm. I have done Kick Boxing before with a similar coach that poked fun at me for my technique. Ultimately, it motivated me to try harder and improve. You have to have thick skin, and if you don't... You shouldn't be boxing!

BWHAHAHAHA. That is the funny shyt i've seen in a long time...and I'm a female. It's a joke people....Lighten the fukk up.. Geez! I'd pay to see that shyt if I was in NYC. If those people didn't like it, they would NOT still be going there.
"Those look like 1977 eastern conference finals shorts" LMAO

The problem is that everything he was saying about those clowns was the absolute truth. He can teach boxing, but the goofy fucks he's teaching can't be taught cordination and trust me they aren't going home to any bad females regardless if they were on wall street or not.
To HUGO, stop hating on the man cause I promise you that Eric would beat the hater out of you with his one good eye, the dude was 4th in the world!! Your soft as charmin toliet tissue to make that comment and being a hater is a disease that cannot be cured.


@'re a douchebag

Honestly, he is just saying and doing out loud what a lot of trainers won't do when clients get a bit lazy in listening and following instructions. He gets in their ass!

This is the best thing on the internet.

If you can't take this guy's jokes clearly boxing is not the right sport for you. How will you be able to take a punch in the face?
Some people are so deeply hidden in their masks, that reality becomes offensive. Or someone's point of view that is against yours or whatever you want it to be.
Some people just accept what they really are. If you're not good at it, you're not good at it.
And his jokes, what most times I actually he's talking seriously, but in his funny way, are just his way of pointing out what's wrong and needs to be improved.
There are much worse trainers out there. That will strip you entirely and shove reality in your face. with them you will cry. with the guy on the video you will laugh.
If you feel offended by him, you shouldn't be looking for boxing classes, you should be looking for a shrink. boxing coach is an old white dude who never has anything nice to say, but the bastard can teach. I don't go to my gym to make friends, I go to learn. And when the S.O.B. does give you a complement, you know he means it.

I think the geek in the socks and 1980 basketball shorts played on the Ocean Township JV B-Ball team

Thats funny. All those guys in the gym look like they went to NYU. hilarious

all the clients look like Ocean Township HS alums. Guess they got tired of getting asses kicked by Shore guys

I thought Shore Regional was an all girls school (at least only womens sports counted)

i think those dweebs are training to survive the mean streets of Hoboken

they may be training to fight off unruly drivers who get frisky on the NJ turnpike

is that Dom O'Connell at 2:35 mark?

Hilarious! I love it!!!

Image =

Classic...I'm sure we ALL know a coach like Eric!

I'm glad this prick caught a pool stick to the head.

This is what a man ought to be. Our modern world has turn us into weak pussies. He said something interesting: "these guys have no coordination at all, they're not athletic". He should be taken as a stark reminder that a life behind a desk or running in taxis and planes chasing after client meetings and dough (which is what a modern man is much about) is NOTHING if one doesn't keep space in his life for real physical effort: cycle to work, run, play with your kids with a ball, tussle with them, (even better: have kids and DO NOT pay for a nanny 24/7, so you actually work your ass off taking care of your family in your spare time), go boating, sailing if you can (there's a TON of physical work on a boat, plus order and respect for the skipper), fuck your wife a lot (as much as you can), just do whatever the fuck you can to stay on top of your health. Kudos to this mean motherfucker. He's a bloody example to us all.

I love Eric Kelly's video and commentary! He says what we all think and I'm sure all those wall street guys say worst sh*t anyway. I guess you either relate to the guy or you don't...I'm cut from leather too, so I get it.

Hey Monty,

Are you the dude with the socks?

Ok, having watched this, and having competed at high levels in several sports, and having been on the receiving of 'abusive' coaches, who I cherish and relished, FFS it's banter!!! It's depreciating humour that makes you try harder. If you're so sensitive you need to be told positive affirmations the entire time, then you need a self help book or a psychiatrist. This dude is clearly a joker with heart, and is a hell of a lot easier on these guys than the dressing down they will have received at work on wall street. They're in a boxing gym for crying out loud, an acid tongue is a hell of a lot softer than being knocked out. I find it hard to believe that any of the negative comments above are from peeps working on wall street, because they will have received a hell of a lot worse abuse at points over their career than this guy, and he say it with a smile.

Damn some guys are pussies, and that's not said in jest!

Best ad for a boxing gym ever. Seriously. Ever. Agreed.


Yeah, the Wall Street types he makes fun of likely have more money, but they don't have as much reality (better manners, though. I mean, DAMN!!). This guy walks down a real-world street with one of the Wall Streeters, a gang shows up wanting wallets. Guess who the broken and bleeding victim is going to be? That's right, the guy making the money.

Erik's awesome. Period. And, yes, I am a member of Church Street.

That is awesome!!!

i smell reality show.

The dude should quit the gym and do stand-up.

He's about as funny as anyone else in the county jail.I should know.Hey Eric! Eye ball in the corner pocket,cliteye!

So being a douche bag is admirable? umm... O.K.

I guess everyone who thinks this is great watches T.V. all day and is used to seeing ignorant fucks who think they have achieved something in their life because they put other people down.

He hilarious. However, I think a great deal of his venom in regards to the intelligence and skill of some of his students is projected from an internal disgust of himself with himself. He had it all coming together with his career for what he had chosen to do with his life as a professional fighter and he threw it all away ‘cause he couldn’t walk away from a fight in a pool hall…..

High-larious. Miscreants.

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