R.I.P. Linds Redding. The most important writer we've ever had on the SF Egotist

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We've had a ton of amazing foks write editorials for us here at the SF Egotist. But nothing we've ever published has been as important (or as widely read) as Linds Redding's "A Short Lesson in Perspective."

Written by Linds after a career in advertising, it's a must-read for anyone in a creative field. We're forever indebted to Linds for allowing us to republish it from his blog.

If you haven't read it, read it. If you have read it, read it again.

Rest in peace, Linds.


I would appear that between traffic from BI, SF Egotist, AdFreak, etc., Linds site has gone down. Anybody know where the entire piece is available/mirrored/etc?

Yes, just click the link in the post above. The entire piece is here on our site.


I never had a hero, even when I was a young boy. And maybe I'm too old to have one, but god damn it, this old brilliant bastard is the closest person that actually understood me, and I don't even know him, and he's now dead.

If anything, read what he did with his life after being diagnosed. I would of done the same. I mean, for fuck sakes, he marketed Vomit bags for chemo patients with an amazing branding campaign, "Chemo. Recreational Drugs For The Truly Rugged". The irony just oozes out from it.

What he made me realize is that, designers shouldn't be cornered like some frightened cat, but be the one that throws the first punch. Because at the end of the day, what would this world look like if all designers decide to strike. We would become apes, without a way to communicate what we want to the world. We would have Problems that can't be solved like your boss told you it can be solved by a simple "talk" and trust in the world will diminish altogether.

Did he pass away and when?

Lindsey died at Mercy Hospice in Auckland, New Zealand on 31 October 2012.

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