What I Learned This Year #2: Theo Fanning

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What a hell of a year. It wasn’t a good year. It wasn’t a bad year. It was just 365 days of more of the same. More talking about how the technology is changing. More fear-mongering about our “dying” industry. More revolutions and evolutions. More strategy. More conceptualizations. More convergence and divergence. More. More. More. I am glad it is almost over.

With all this blah-blah in the ether, it is pretty easy to lose sight of the basics; the keystones of what we do and why we do it. While everyone was talking about doing stuff, I had to spend a lot of my time actually doing something. And when you are forced to produce creative—and results—on a regular basis, it makes you focus on the reality of our industry. Good ideas are easy to come by. Producing good ideas is a lot harder—even harder still is to produce them well.

So, here is a self-indulgent representation of the mantra that i kept repeating to myself throughout 2010:

Theo is the creative director at Traction.

  1. Bridget Bardot December 18, 2010

    now...that's the spirit.

  2. Sarah December 20, 2010

    Finally someone shares my sentiment on advertising and 2010. Thank you!