“What I learned this year” – Robert Duncan

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that just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge there’s this big, beautiful city.

that a “free” video production will cost you $12,083.

that maybe I am a crazy driver.

that all the best things in life start as jokes.*

that birdwatching is fun, but don’t call it birdwatching.

that binoculars are even more fun, and nowhere near as pricey as you imagined.

that liberals are no less suckers for the Fox spin and that they should shut up and worship the ground Obama, bringer of healthcare, ender of don’t-ask-don’t-tell, destroyer of Al Qaeda, walks on.

that my life may very well be a tagline. (And it’s not “Technology when you want it. People when you don’t.”)

that CB2 exists and has everything you could ever want.

that maybe I do look better in a beard.

that things you never thought could happen in a million years do, sometimes overnight (viz: Arab Spring).

that just as I get really good at my craft, my writing starts to suffer.

that Lugene was Gary’s first girlfriend even before Linda.

that I may have judged San Diego too swiftly.

that I gotta get my life back.

that, no matter what you claim in the SF Egotist, you never really learn. One way or another, you keep doing the stupid, ignorant things you always did. Which might seem to be the beginning of big-K Knowledge—or, in this case, big-L Learning—but don’t believe it.*

*not actually learned this year.


Robert is an Executive creative director and Partner at Duncan/Channon