What I learned this year – Chuck McBride

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What I’ve learned this year? Sit down.

I think it was Michael Franti that sang, “The more I learn the less I know.” And its true. And this year has been a good example. I’m one year into owning my own agency after twenty-five years of working for and building someone else’s agency. Experiences I wouldn’t trade and in many respects I’ve stolen the better parts of each and shaped them into what I have now. But the difference between going home at night and letting the business be someone else’s problem and it being yours is huge. Everything, and I mean everything, you do when it’s yours you have to think about because it means something to your clients and to the people who work for you. Some of it is fun. Some of it is not. But you own every decision and it makes you grow up fast. Being 49, I guess it was time. Understanding the financials wasn’t the hard part, interestingly. It was understanding how everything you say should be measured, articulate and balanced for the benefit of the people around you so that they walk away with a clear sense direction and the confidence in themselves and in you. In a way, it’s parenting. Which brings to my parents. The world lost two of the coolest and most unique individuals this year. My parents. I would hope every son or daughter would say the same of theirs. But mine actually were. And it was something my mother said before she passed that would forever stick in my mind and hopefully in yours. “All we have is love and time.” And it’s up to us to use both to make the best of our lives and the lives around us. She was so clear headed about this that I’m certain it is true. Your last thoughts won’t be about work or what you did. It will be about those you love and the time you spent together. Everything else really doesn’t matter. So make the most of the time you have. Don’t wait to do something you really want to do. And don’t continue doing something that you don’t really love. Find your passion in life. Grab a hold and never let go. There is no turning back. There is no second chance. We go around once. So you should follow your heart more and less your head. Be selfless. You will touch many people on your journey through life. You want to make those connections mean something. The friends you make in real life are better than those on Facebook. The wealthiest person, the happiest person, isn’t the one who had the biggest house or made the most money. The wealthiest person has the most friends. Your friendships and family are the only things that truly matter. They will be the only things you will have to cherish and to celebrate when you time comes. And trust me, it’s coming.

  1. msendan December 17, 2012

    Well said.

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