Don’t miss the Dog & Pony Show – this Thursday, July 18th.

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We’ve posted about the Dog & Pony Show events before, but we’re really looking forward to this one coming up on Thursday, July 18th. It’s all about Excellent Teams – something we think anyone in the creative community can benefit from. During this one, you’ll meet local creative teams, observe what makes a successful, creative relationship.

Like it or not, in our business, we have to work with various groups of people, and if there’s one thing we’ve observed about the people who get great creative work produced versus those who don’t, it’s that collaboration and teamwork are two of the top criteria.

First Person, a new creative agency that is the love child of Westernized and Elastic Creative will be speaking along with Terry Heffernan, Owner of Heffernan Films/Dogpatch Studios and Kit Hinrichs, Founder and Creative Director at Studio Hinrichs.

For those who don’t know, Here’s how the Dog & Pony Show will work: On your lunch hour, you’ll meet up with a bunch of other highly interesting, highly intelligent peers or head over to a crazy cool location for a though-provoking talk, lively discussion and of course, lunch. This time it’s being held at an amazingly creative space – TC Donobedians’ Paris Flea on Treasure Island.

The shows are limited to just 30 people, so if you’re interested, get your tickets ASAP.


  1. TC July 16, 2013

    Biggest surprise? How many
    Biggest surprise? How many ticket holders are coming from In-house media departments. And today I wonder….”what does it all mean?”