What I Learned This Year: BSSP’s Greg Stern

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1. This business changes even faster than I thought.

2. Some things never change. Like, if your client gets bought and/or fired, you’re likely to as well. (Get fired, not bought…)

3. The good ones come back.

4. Don’t begrudge an employee’s “gap year” to travel abroad.

5. Nice clients beat not nice clients any day.

6. Someone will always give it away.

7. Find a mentor. Be a mentor.

8. Swimming from Alcatraz changed Ryan’s life.

9. Make sure the website works before you go live.

10. Be judicious. Decline more than you think is right.

11. Anonymous comments are the last refuge of an idiot.

12. A partnership is more like a marriage than you know.


Greg Stern is the CEO at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners


  1. Anonymous Idiot December 11, 2013

    With rent in SF, this is the
    With rent in SF, this is the only place I can afford to take refuge.

  2. Nei Caetano da Silva December 12, 2013

    Nice list!
    Nice list!

  3. Anonymous December 12, 2013

    You forgot the #1 thing – if
    You forgot the #1 thing – if you actually take advertising seriously, you haven’t lived life.

  4. Anonymous December 15, 2013

    ahh where’s my refuge? lol
    ahh where’s my refuge? lol