32 Under 32: Nick Christiansen

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Ok, we’re on the backside of our 32 Under 32 interviews, but we’ve still got a lot of great interviews to go. Case in point: Nick Christiansen, Senior Copywriter at DDB California. Take a look.


Congrats on being chosen as one of the top 32 advertising and marketing professionals under 32. We selected people who really go above and beyond in their work. How do you think you approach your job differently than other people?

I don’t know how other people approach creativity, so I can’t really speak for them, but I think one of my main objectives is to start in what humans want. It goes back to creating stuff that people not only want to see, but also want to talk about.

What kind of accounts/projects are you working on these days?

I’ve just finished a campaign for Brita, and I’m now working on getting people to adopt dogs and cats, among other things.

What is it about where you currently work that really pushes you to be better?

I think, for me, being new not only at the agency but also in this country, it’s about trying to keep up. This city has a history of awesome and groundbreaking advertising, and culture in general, so now that I’m here I’m just trying not to fall behind.

In thinking over your career so far, what work had made you the proudest?

A radio spot we did for Ronald McDonald House Charities in Sweden a couple of years ago. Who knew radio could make you cry, right?

We hear you’re new(ish) to SF. Thoughts on our fine city so far?

Excellent. The sights, the coffee, and for a Swede like me – the weather. What’s not to love about it?

Here’s a ridiculously clichéd interview question for you: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I guess somewhere in the back of my head I have a plan for my “career”, if you will, but at the moment I’m just trying to focus on making the work better. So, I hope then I’ll be making better work than I am now.

This might be tough, but here’s your chance to give a shout out to one person who has helped you get to where you are today. Go.

Someone to whom I will be eternally grateful is my first Creative Director, Andreas Dahlqvist, who’s at McCann in NYC now. He took a chance by hiring me and my then Art Director at a time when every other agency was laying people off. He also didn’t treat us like juniors, but let us work on some really cool stuff right from the beginning. Nothing makes or breaks you like responsibility.