32 Under 32: Zach Blume

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Back again – happy Monday everyone. Our 32 Under 32 Series continues, this time with Zach Blume of Portal A. Read the interview with a partner at one of the hottest shops in the city.


Congrats on being chosen as one of the top 32 advertising and marketing professionals under 32. We selected people who really go above and beyond in their work. How do you think you approach your job differently than other people?

At this point, it’s tough to think of Portal A as a job, but more of a lifestyle we’ve chosen. The line between the individual and the company can become very blurry, which can be great for business and not so great for the individual.

What kind of accounts/projects are you working on these days?

We’re developing some really exciting work with Google, YouTube, Relativity Media, and Kimpton Hotels to name a few, and we have a few independent, original properties up our sleeves. We’re busy.

What is it about where you currently work that really pushes you to be better?

The speed at which our work needs to be developed, and the reach. The pressure is definitely amplified when you know your work will be seen and dissected by millions and millions of people online.

In thinking over your career so far, what work had made you the proudest?

Before Portal A, I was a political consultant at a leading communications firm here in San Francisco. I was very proud when we elected Annise Parker as the Mayor of Houston – an exceptional leader who also happened to be the first openly Gay mayor of a major American city (in Texas of all places!).

At Portal A, we’re incredibly proud of White Collar Brawler, an independent series we financed and distributed exclusively on the web, and which is now in its second season on TV with the Esquire Network.

We hear you donated some time to do a video for the Oakland School District. Tell us about that.

We worked on that project at cost, and it was a blast. We’re East Bay guys through and through, I’m now an Oakland homeowner, and we have an incredible amount of love for The Town (search Ghostride the Volvo from 2006 for evidence). It was an inspiration to team up with the kids in the Oakland School District to rap about school attendance, and we’ll always remember the cameo from Oakland’s very own (and now Super Bowl champ) Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch.

A big shout-out to Drew Glover from our team who made the project happen, and Nina Reyes Rosenberg who directed the video.

Here’s a ridiculously clichéd interview question for you: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

We won’t be satisfied unless Portal A has become the HBO of Internet video. Ambitious enough?

This might be tough, but here’s your chance to give a shout out to one person who has helped you get to where you are today. Go.

My Dad. He’s my inspiration in business and in life.