What I Learned in 2014: Patrick Maravilla, VP/Group Creative Director at EVB

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Diet Coke makes a good breakfast • Good sex can make you forget a bad day • Not all of my jokes are funny • It’s not “us versus them”, it’s just “us” • Long commutes suck but Serial makes them suck way less • The best way to kill a great idea is to not explain it clearly • It’s hard to forgive someone but you’ll feel better when you do • You don’t have to read The Hunger Games to enjoy the movies. Real estate prices in the Bay Area are stupid • Wrestling with your kids is WAY more fun if you let them kick your butt • The grass is pretty much the same color green anywhere you go because everyone in advertising plays on AstroTurf • Creatives want clear direction and actionable feedback • “The Clients” aren’t their first name • Making it home for family dinner is one ingredient to a happy marriage • Sometimes a heartfelt, face-to-face “Thank You” can make a world of difference • You can’t change people’s opinion about you if you’re the same person today that you were yesterday • Selling a screenplay doesn’t mean you’re gonna be rich • Relationships are all that matter in our industry • Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and ask a lot of questions • If you don’t have anything nice to say, you probably post anonymously on AgencySpy • If you’re gonna run the HOV lane on the Bay Bridge, chances are good you’ll get away with it • Kindness wins every time • Don’t let advertising be your only creative outlet • Hearthstone is crack for nerds (hit me up if you’re addicted: Marahaahaa)• Negativity spreads quickly so use protection • I’ve learned a lot of what NOT to do by doing it (I don’t recommend that) • Publishing a book is wicked hard • Some people get offended when you tell them you have four kids • Don’t forget, it’s just advertising • Tickling your three year old till he almost pees is therapeutic • If you’re a SeaHawks fan living in SF, keep that shiz to yourself • Rob Reilly, Dave Schiff, Evan Fry, Alex Burnard, Alex Bogusky, Steve Babcock, Bill Wright, James Dawson-Hollis, Jason Norcross, Barton Corley, Matt Heath, John Boiler, Pierre Lipton and Stephen Clements are some of the nicest and most talented CDs in the biz • Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn these lessons and others I’ve needed to grow up and be better and try harder—I owe you more than I can say.


Patrick Maravilla is a VP/Group Creative Director at EVB