The SF Egotist Super Bowl Spot Review

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The game was great. The half-time show was strangely good if the singing sharks don’t haunt your dreams. And there were very few turds in the punchbowl when it came to the commercials. But…

Holy Hell, was this the Borrowed Interest Bowl or what? Seemingly every other commercial played 25 seconds of sappy, unrelated crap and then tacked on a logo with a confusing, worthless hashtag on the end. With that as our premise, here’s our brief thoughts on the spots.

Weight Watchers – All You Can Eat

Watchable. Totally relatable to those who are overweight. While it probably won’t rank high in the post-bowl surveys, this was a really smart ad.

Coca-Cola – #MakeItHappy

Coke! It solves all the internet problems! We realize Coke doesn’t really operate on a unique selling proposition level, but this is ridiculous, even for Coke.

Nissan – With Dad

Sap-o-Rama. 90 full seconds of a absentee dad who apparently would rather be with his Nissan than his kid. This actually made us hate Nissan, not like them.

Fiat 500 – Blue Pill

We bet the public loves this one. We were sort of ambivalent about it. Cute, but a bit too corny for our tastes. Does anyone really want a Fiat with a hard on?

Jeep – Beautiful Lands

Patriotic song! Pretty shots of America! Overly-long spot! Barely there product! It’s a Super Bowl trifecta of crappy advertising!

Esurance – Say My Name

We liked this one. Funny. Gave a great consumer benefit. Our only knock is that it came about a year too late. Pop culture is best when it’s either fresh or is making a comeback.

TurboTax – Boston Tea Party

Big budget. Pretty decent payoff. Usually setups like this end up collapsing under their own weight, but we were pleasantly surprised it wasn’t a bomb.

Loctite – Super Bowl 2015 Commercial

We thought the school of “Take goofy people and make them do goofy things while rapping” was over once the bust happened in 2000.

Doritos – Middle Seat

Everybody at the party laughed – especially the bros. But who couldn’t see the punchline coming? And what the hell does that have to do with Doritos? She wasn’t interested because he had Doritos. She was interested because the seat was free.

Mophie – All-Powerless

We discussed this one before. We loved it – big idea, bigger budget with a funny ending that tied it all up. Well done, mophie, well done.

Discover – Surprise

We have no idea, so we’re going to co-opt an internet meme. Plus, Sprint already did this. So lame.

Carnival Corporation – Come Back To The Sea

Using JFK to shill for your bad buffet food and cheesy cruise packages? Ugh. This may have been the worst of the bunch.

Nationwide – Invisible Mindy Kaling

First they play this. Then they play a spot about dead children. Nationwide had the strangest strategy all night. This spot specifically wasn’t bad, but just strange in context to the other spots.

Dorito’s – When Pig’s Fly

We loved the metaphor here. The Dorito’s spot is the pig, right? And we’re launching it far, far away.

Avocados From Mexico – #FirstDraftEver

Funny idea, well done. The polar bear wanting to go to Mexico made us laugh. Who would have thought an avocado would do a funny spot?

Bud Light – Real Life PacMan

Did anyone actually care what happened to this guy? Who thought he wasn’t going to finish? And then his price is a Bud?

Mercedes-Benz – Fable

The best thing about this spot was that it ran in a slow spot of the game when people may have not been paying attention.

Skittles – Settle It

Great setup. Great special effects. Wonderfully, strangely Skittles. But where was the payoff? It left us flat. Again, an above average commercial for sure, but we expect a lot from Skittles.

Microsoft – Braylon O’Neill

While not a groundbreaking spot, they did a nice job of making us forget we hate Microsoft. And – shocker – the point of the spot actually related to Microsoft.

Budweiser – Lost Dog

We collectively got instant diabetes from how sweet this spot was. And one of us bawled. We will never reveal who. Yes, it was total borrowed interest and had nothing to do with selling beer, but at least it was done well.

Dove Men+Care – #RealStrength

We can all be good dads if we use their body wash? WTF? This could be the worst of the borrowed interest spots we saw all game. This was almost insulting in its pandering. And then they want you to share what #RealStrength means to you? Puh-leeze.

BMW i3 – Newfangled Idea

We always like it when celebrities make fun of themselves. And it’s even better when a brand can tie it back to their product. Bravo BMW. This was a winner.

Always – #LikeAGirl

Awesome idea. Really powerful social experiment. The tie back to Always is a bit tenuous, but we’re being picky. We can forgive that in exchange for something that really gets people thinking.

Snickers – The Brady Bunch

Best spot of the night. Way to freshen up an older idea.

T-Mobile – #KimsDataStash

We were not sure we could hate Kim Kardashian any more. We can. Just like we can hate TMobile for hoisting this steaming pile of crap into our collective brains. And a hashtag to top off this shit sundae!

GrubHub – Because Burrito!

A burrito that kills a bunch of people! HILARIOUS! (Not.) Whoever okayed this should be fired immediately. This was easily the most embarrassing spot we saw the entire game.

Nationwide – Make Safe Happen

Way to bring us down, Nationwide. Way to bring us down.


  1. Charles February 2, 2015

    Nice quick reviews. I agree
    Nice quick reviews. I agree for the most part. Yeah, when you stopped to actually consider the message, that Nissan spot blew.