What we learned in 2015 – barrettSF

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There’s this guy we love named Claude Shade. He was a photographer and manic creative mind, with a great smile and an infectious fart. One he’d rip at appropriate and deeply troubling moments.

When Claude died a few months ago, it felt like 2015 would be remembered as the worst year on record. Certainly one of them. We’d also lost Pat Fallon – a mentor and good friend – along with many other great people.

But something happened.

Like a pretty Kim Kardashian, Claude Shade broke the internet. News of his passing led to an outpouring of love on every social media channel. Every profile picture, every post, every photo, seemed to be one of Claude’s. Our friend Craig Mangan scribbled the expression “Live life to the Claudest,” and we all remembered to be grateful for having him, and each other.

Love had won.

This is what we learned in 2015:

Donald Trump can declare that people of Muslim faith should be denied entry into the United States.

British Parliament will respond by denying him entry into England.

Thieves can break into our agency three times over, taking with them half of our custom employee bobbleheads.

Jamie’s new bobblehead will have a generous quaff of hair when it’s remade, especially the frontal lobe, known for its sheen.

The A’s can be awful at the game of baseball.

The Warriors will look like they’re playing NBA Jams on the easy setting.

Guns can wreak havoc on our country, giving rise to a generation of mass murderers who crave attention and see the slaughter of others as a means of attaining it.

That will get us into the office early, and focus us on a new effort to curb the glorification of mass murderers in the media.

Police brutality will birth the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, reminding us that our world, and the manner in which we treat people, indicate the opposite.

#BlackLivesMatter will become one of the great social movements of our generation.

Paris can lose its people, its police, and even its police dogs to a nightclub attack that leaves us all feeling hollow.

Russia will send a newborn police puppy – of the shepherd breed lost in the attack – to the Parisian police force as an act of solidarity.

This isn’t about silver linings. A silver lining is little more than optimism.

This, 2015, reminds us that love can be gritty, and flatulent, and devastating, and funny, and motivating, but no matter what, it will win.

Love will win.

To 2016.

– barrettSF