What I learned in 2015 – Parker Channon of Duncan/Channon

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I’ve spent the last year, and the three years prior, changing poopy diapers. Not mine, yet, but those of my two lovely children.

For the record, my equally lovely wife and broadcast producer, Rita Channon (née Ribera), has changed more, but I’m up in there plenty.

Have I learned anything? I have, and it is this: There’s no napping on a dirty diaper. You wait, even a little while, and welcome to the Terrordome. Blowouts, rashes, tantrums… a little problem suddenly writ large.

Okay, here comes the ham-fisted segue. I love our agency and I love making ads. What I don’t love is taking care of the little shit — and, after all these years, I need to get after it.
Maybe this isn’t a new learning exactly, but rather one that’s been thrown into sharp relief by the folks at Huggies. I need to keep a stupid fucking calendar. I need to show up for things I said I’d show up for. I need to give more thoughtful and consistent feedback to my team. I need to return calls within the same calendar year. The list goes on.

By committing this to the digital page, I invite my coworkers to keep me honest on this score and stop little shit from getting big.

If you’ve made it this far, gentle reader, I thank you for your kind attention. And if you recognize some of my shortcomings in yourself, perhaps you’ll join me in this quest. Here’s wishing us all a new year filled with success and contentment and only a few poopy diapers.


Parker Channon is the Executive Creative Director of Duncan/Channon


  1. Anonymous January 1, 2016

    Very salty edge …this guy
    Very salty edge …this guy should be writing about a private detective …or
    banker who gets busted by the IRS. Good thing he writes copy …he can spank some words together! I like his style. Bitching is better when its baroque.