What I learned in 2015 – Connor Moore of CMoore Sound

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2015 was a landmark year for me both personally and professionally. So many new adventures, changes and challenges that make it difficult to narrow down to a top 10 list, but here we go…..

Sound Advice
The demand for branded sound is growing outside of just music for ads and sound logos at the end of commercials. Brands are utilizing sound in so many different ways these days – specifically, custom sound for products. The thing that we as sound designers have to remember is to create tasteful sound solutions that aren’t used gratuitously (I’m looking at you Samsung washer/dryer). Good product sound serves to support functionality and adds a nice surprise element to the user experience. An extra layer, or spice, that makes the experience more helpful, distinct and satisfying.

It’s Called Gratitude
The Beastie Boys were onto something with this – well, many things in my opinion, but being grateful has kept me afloat through the past year and will carry over into 2016.

The Podcast Revolution is the Real Deal
My wife has been deep into podcasts for many years now and turned me onto them a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. Some incredible story telling, sound design and music is used and created for many podcasts.
My weekly rotation:
Song Exploder
Here’s the Thing
TED Radio
Snap Judgment
And, of course, Serial, along with the other millions of listeners out there

Passion Projects
Over the years I’ve learned that it’s super important to have passion projects that keep the creative juices flowing. These also help to refocus my intention as to why I got into what I’m doing professionally in the first place. This past year I paid more attention to collaborative efforts with other composers. I built out a new part of my business where I collaborate with or showcase artists’ works for licensing or custom composition. Their work is incredible – I’m a big fan of what they do and at the end of the day, it’s just fun! HERE is a 30 minute seamless mix of some of our favorite new work if you want to take a listen.

Ad Music
I love the ukulele and glockenspiel as much as the next guy, but maybe a bit less in 2016 please.

Patience Young Grasshopper
Surfing and writing music have taught me a lot about patience this past year. Immediate gratification is the way we’re wired these days, but it’s often the best things that come with time. Try to enjoy the journey.

Lots of Good Music Released This Year
Here’s a Spotify playlist I put together with some of my favorite tracks of the year.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
For some reason it occurred to me a few weeks ago that I’ve only just begun on this professional journey and will, hopefully, be continuing for the next 35+ years. With this in mind, it’s important to nurture connections, do great work, take time to laugh and, ultimately, be a nice person to work with.

The Nicholas Cage Factor
We’ve all been faced with a potential project that could be really interesting and exciting, but as you learn more about the client, budget or expectation it gets a bit soured. I learned this year that you don’t have to be like Nicholas Cage and accept every awful role after his amazing performance as H.I. McDunnough in Raising Arizona. It’s difficult to turn down projects, but it’s also okay to be selective at times.

Take Digital Breaks
We’re all busy and glued to our phones these days, and I’m as guilty as anyone of this. This year I came to understand how important it is for me to take digital breaks and get outside for a walk, run or have a good old school face to face conversation outside of the office. These digital breaks often re-inspire, refresh or teach me something new.

One last thing to add….

THIS is Incredible
But let’s not let this man become our president, folks.


Connor Moore is the owner, lead sound designer and composer at CMoore Sound.