What I learned in 2015 – Joel Kaplan of Muh-tay-zik | Hof-fer

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People love gifs. If you don’t know how to make them you should learn.




Your coworkers are not just a random collection of people, they are your extended family. True, they might be the awkward distant cousins that wear sweatpants to a formal Christmas dinner, but they’re family just the same.




Embrace Tension. Put things together that don’t belong. Make people curious enough to click. Your work doesn’t have to shine above other ads, it has to shine above everything that ever lived on the internet.

Don’t just think. Make. Anyone can think. A very few can go the extra step and bring a great idea to life with their own hands. If your book is filled with ideas you have created, coded, and set free in the world, email me at [email protected]

Smaller, faster, more nimble agencies are better built to keep up with the changing ad game.


Be a bit weird. It will give you a different perspective from everyone else.  And sometimes a different perspective is all it takes to open a whole world of possibility.


Don’t skimp on agency dinner. When everyone is staying late, something other than a mid-grade pizza will go a long way toward helping morale.


Facebook is for old people. The young people are already on a new social network you haven’t heard about yet. And when you do hear about it, you won’t get it.


Agencies pass around disease like it’s candy. If you’re getting sick please don’t come to the office.



Now that you’ve read these lessons, break them. Culture has changed since this list was printed and every one of these learnings may now be obsolete.


Joel Kaplan is a Creative Director at Muh-tay-zik | Hof-fer