32 Under 32 – Sam Brody of 215mccann.

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Man, is it a gray, rainy Monday or what? But two positives! 1. Tahoe is getting lots of snow. 2. You get to read our interview with 32 Under 32 winner Sam Brody of 215mccann. Learn some more about this rising local star, then make sure to check back tomorrow for another fun 32 Under 32 interview that we’ll have waiting for you.

Congrats on being chosen as one of the top 32 advertising and marketing professionals under 32. When it comes to your job, what do you think you do differently to stand out?

I am friendly yet pragmatic. My focus is on the relationships I build both internally and with our clients and partners. I am always trying to expand my purview, earn my way into meetings, and learn as much as possible from all departments. It’s obvious but you build trust by getting to know as much as you can about your clients and partners, having a deep knowledge of the brand and its challenges, and performing each and every day.

What sort of things have you been doing at work that excite you?

We produced and released a fun musical number in November called “The Super Duper Minecraft Musical”, which is the biggest marketing asset the Minecraft marketing team had ever created. 215 McCann is proud of this entertaining work. Additionally, one of our Minecraft video game trailers we created was just named one of the top 10 game trailers this year by YouTube. Working with the people on the Microsoft and Minecraft teams, growing our relationship and business, is both exciting and rewarding.

What is it about where you currently work that really pushes you to be better?

My co-workers and leadership team at 215 McCann are some of the most talented in the industry and have created iconic campaigns. They push me to be better every day, to never settle, and to continue to set high expectations for myself. Working at a small agency servicing a global client like Microsoft Xbox has offered me the chance to wear many hats over time and continually forces me outside my comfort zone as new opportunities arise.

Somewhere out there is a kid half your age who wants your job. What do you tell them?

Focus on learning broad skills and developing critical thinking. Read, watch, and listen to as many different types of content and stories that you can. Listen first, speak second. Be inquisitive. Be nice, and have fun.

Oh and eat your vegetables, too.

In thinking over your career so far, what work has made you the proudest?

The first campaign I ever worked on from beginning to end was for Microsoft Xbox on the Halo 5 campaign from the legendary Halo franchise. I grew up playing Halo as a teenager, so to work on a massive global campaign where we “killed” the main franchise character to grab fans’ attention was teenager Sam’s dream come true. The campaign was a huge success, winning various awards including a Cannes Lion, and I was able to cut my teeth on various campaign projects on our then lean account team of two.

What do you want to accomplish career wise? What are your goals?

In the short term, one goal I have is to lead a campaign that has a major social impact on a national or international level. My family has always instilled in me a strong sense of giving back to the community; to be able to do so at least once on larger scale would be a rewarding experience.

Longer term, I hope to run my own agency or marketing department. Being a leader that helps influence the vision and direction of an organization, nutures an inclusive environment, and gives back to its community is something I’ve always wanted.

What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Work hard, ask smart questions, be optimistic, and good things will happen.

This might be tough, but here’s your chance to give a shout out to one person who has helped you get to where you are today. Go.

My grandmother Nancy Frawley influenced my life greatly. She put her grandchildren through college, and she taught us the value of education, hard work, and giving back. My Nanny was caring and thoughtful but also the definition of tough love. She is missed dearly but never forgotten.