What I learned this year: 2018 by Krista Skehan, founder, Personify

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Today’s “What I Learned This Year” is a short, sweet one from Krista Skehan, founder of Bay Area-based branding firm Personify. We’ve got lots more in the queue for you guys, so enjoy this one and we’ll have another great one coming soon.


Motto of the year: “Turn down the doubter, turn up the dreamer.” 

Favorite quote of the year: “Because I have the total opposite perspective, I’ve come to love, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’ I think our lives are far richer with the tiny moments, the hesitations, the twinkle of an eye, the gesture of an open door — all those little things equate to something big. But instead of “sweating” the small stuff, make them louder, crank up the volume, and let them play a huge roll in life’s larger picture.”

How she amped up the creativity this year: Between work at Personify and family time, life pushed my painting passion to the backseat. But by reshuffling priorities, opting to watch less TV and spend less time cooking, I’ve been able to carve out space to make it possible. Painting has not only brought me so much joy, but makes me a better mom, wife, and business owner/creative director. I had my first couple art shows and haven’t stopped since. I paint about three-four times per week, juggling work and mom life.


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