What I learned this year: 2018, Melissa Ploysophon, Senior Art Director, Heat

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Heat went above and beyond in their “What I learned thus year” submission – they sent two. The first one is from Melissa Ploysophon, Senior Art Director, who drops some good knowledge – especially about the dogs. Give this one a read, then check back tomorrow for another piece from a Heat Senior AD.


Some *maybe* relevant things I’ve learned this year:
Don’t plan a trip to Hawaii that overlaps with your production. Coming back really tan might
make your team a little jealous and angry with you.
Dogs in the office make everything better. Bad client feedback? Here, look at this cute dog.
Your creative director just killed the ideas you worked on all weekend? Look at this even cuter
It’s good to get a change of scenery. Concept in the park. Concept on a walk. Sometimes fresh
air and sunshine does the trick.  
Social is pretty cool. It’s like making mini campaigns with smaller budgets but faster timelines so
you can get more done and out there in the world.
Influencers get paid a lot of money. Like, a lot. And brands love them. They’re literally walking
talking ads. Note to self: become an influencer.
I like pitches. I know it sounds crazy and I hope my creative resource manager doesn’t read this
and put me on a bunch of pitches, but I really enjoy them (for the most part). The ones where
you have free rein to think of whatever weird ideas are in your brain and really push the limits.
On another note, I learned that I really like sleep.


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