What We Learned This Year: 2018, Firewood Marketing

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We’re back with another “What I learned this year.” When we asked Firewood Marketing to contribute, we figured they’d have the CEO or maybe their ECD do it. Instead, they got the entire company involved. So enjoy the thoughts from the whole agency.

Firewood had a busy and exciting 2018. We opened new offices in Mountain View, Mexico City, New York City, and London. We continued our commitment to giving back through active fundraising efforts by the team for the California fires and the families separated by the DHS as well as our company gifting program. We hired 171 new, super-talented team members, though, judging from the kitchen congestion, it feels more like 500,000. And we did a full rebrand. So yeah, we’ve been busy…so busy in fact that no one had time to write this post, which is why we crowdsourced it.

Here’s what our team had to say about their 2018 learnings.

What we learned about growth:

“To be more flexible and roll with the punches, admit when I don’t know the answer to something and to hurry up and find someone who does.” – Loni

“That navigating how to impart structure & predictability without impacting speed is a fun challenge to tackle.” – Shaun

“To embrace discomfort. Reject the fear of uncertainty. Catalyze change. What I’m trying to say is, thank you for coming to my TED talk.” – Maddy

“I learned that being flexible is key. And don’t get upset if your workspace is now a kitchen table in the back of a crowded room. These things happen!” – Leanne

“I learned you have to check your ego at the door because everyone is here to roll up their sleeves and help each other be successful. I love that that’s not only the approach of Firewood, but an evident feeling you get from working on the team. – Meagan

“Kitchen layout is very important” – Tara

What we learned about giving back:

 “Firewood has a big heart and I love being a part of the giving that we do.” – Leah

“Our charitable efforts have been one of the favorite parts for me coming to Firewood. Each person has a direct impact on where we give, how we give, and how we can give more. It’s something all companies should aspire to.” – Shaun

“That every day we breathe a breath of fresh air we must think of those less fortunate, help where we can, and be grateful for what we have.” – Trevor

“One doesn’t need to look very far to find people and communities in the Bay Area that need our support. Thank you Firewood for making this happen.” – Stephanie

“Always be thankful for your blessings and know that at any moment life can take a negative turn so appreciate all you have and realize what you can give.” – Steph

What we learned about our talented coworkers:

“I learned that I work with a bunch of wacky weirdos which is why I fit in perfectly.” – Sheba

“This is a young studio which brings with it a thirst to learn and grow which has been great to see. The team’s willingness to learn and adapt with each hurdle at a breakneck speed is great to watch.” – Shaun

“That when it comes to Firewood employees you can NEVER judge a book by its cover. The story may just blow your mind.” – Trevor

“EVERYONE is in a band or has musical talent (except me!)” – Meagan

What we learned from the rebranding process:

“I learned that & is everything. & I also learned to talk to the &. (Oh no he didn’t!)” – Carlton

“That we can do awesome branding work. (Hint, hint. Let’s get some branding clients!)” – Matt

“The diversity of our project portfolio was more than I was expecting.” – Janelle

“Simplicity is best” – Tara

What we learned personally:

“I literally brag to my friends and family about Firewood. I feel extra motivated to do great knowing that I’m valued. So continue hiring good-hearted, edgy, and artsy people who create quality work.” – Sheba

“I finally learned how to giphy in Hangouts!  Woohoo!” – Janelle

“Everyone seems to love what they do, sans ego, and collectively cultivates a culture rooted in positivity, supportiveness, and genuine intellectual curiosity.” – Maddy

“The ability to scale at this speed while still maintaining a personal touch at all levels is remarkable.  Sometimes the speed a company moves at can make reflection and celebration hard to capture, but this company is doing a great job of that.” – Shaun

“I get the feeling that communication and empathy might be the secret sauce to an already stellar recipe.” – Kamron


  1. Loni Knepper December 17, 2018

    I love this!!!!

  2. Mary Grundy December 18, 2018

    Love this!!! Firewood is awesome!

  3. David December 19, 2018

    Super great. Really get the feel for the kind of boisterous, thoughtful, talent at the agency. Makes sense to crowd source – sounds like you guys have been killin’ it. Have a great 2019!

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