WHAT WE LEARNED this year: 2018, by Jillian Davis & Molly Warner of barrettSF

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  • We’ve posted some deep thinking. We’ve posted some smart thinking. And now we’ve got some quick hits from barrettSF’s Jillian Davis & Molly Warner that are both deep and smart (and funny). And thank God we didn’t screw up the agency name and moot point #9.

We learned all kinds of things in 2018. Here are just a few.

Giving birth to an ad agency is hard. Raising a five year-old agency isn’t easy either.

Bringing the entire agency to a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas is an okay idea, but there are better ones.

Sometimes, when you’re only given five days to prepare a major pitch, it’s all you really need.

One of America’s best hotels can be found inside a Bass Pro Shop.

Once in a while, the best way to respect a client is to tell them they’re wrong (nicely). 

On a related note, trust and kindness are as important as great ideas. 

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is the best place for delicious, grilled, wild-caught seafood. Special shout out to the Langostino Lobster Burrito drizzled in garlic herb butter and paired with fresh guacamole.

The person who handles the dial-in and video conference setup deserves a massive raise.

95% of all advertising publications will either mess up the agency name or the credits. Never the Egotist, though. You guys are consistently amazing. Seriously. Keep up the great work.

When a new dog visits the office, it averages one all-agency email, 12 selfies, and 9 Instagram stories.

We complain, but we’d actually be a little bummed if Jamie Barrett didn’t start playing holiday music before Halloween. 

Bentonville, Arkansas is home to what may be the hippest coffee shop in the country. 

According to the TSA, anything could be considered a weapon – even a Small Agency of the Year trophy.

Those are just a few of things we learned in 2018. But the main thing we learned, is that the learning never stops. 


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