What I Learned this year: 2018, By Amanda Amalfi, Senior Flame Artist, Ntropic

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We hope you had an incredible break. We certainly did. But just because it’s now 2019, we’re not doing looking back at everything we learned in 2018. Check out what Amanda Amalfi, Senior Flame Artist at Ntropic had to say about the past year.

As someone who has been working in the field of beauty advertising for 10 years, I’ve seen many of the pivots that the beauty world has made to stay current and in sync with its audience. In 2018, I’ve seen some of the most innovative and delightfully bold strides to date.

AR in beauty advertising has exploded into the mainstream. Just about all of the major players, from Rimmel London to MAC cosmetics, are getting into AR marketing. I saw this innovation firsthand while working on a video for Facebook’s biggest event of the year, the F8 Conference. My team at Ntropic worked with our Facebook Messenger client to highlight some of the companies using AR integration on the platform. The one that stood out to me the most was Sephora. This massive brand is using AR to demo and sell their products through Messenger. By using AR filters and effects, customers can try products and see a complete makeup look before they buy anything. It’s an entirely new functionality that will revolutionize how people make purchases, and honestly it’s just fun to use!

Other AR applications are equally interesting and fun. You can now point a phone at a product and be shown entire history of the brand, a fun animation, or even application tutorial (as our sister company Tactic did with the Benefit Cosmetics app). As someone who has not only worked in beauty, but is a consumer myself, I’m truly amazed.

Social media has been steadily growing as a tool for connecting with consumers, and brands have to make a campaign cohesive across all platforms (such as video, social video, apps, etc.). It’s not enough to connect with consumers through an app. Brands have to drive people to download the app in the first place.

In the past few years I’ve seen the popularity of using Instagram as an advertising tool grow, but 2018 has truly been the year that it has taken its place at the top. Together with Morphe, an up-and-coming beauty brand, we created content that was exclusively for Instagram, instead of the traditional on-air spot that might be converted to a social format as an afterthought. A couple of years ago this would have seemed like a crazy idea, but not in 2018.

This year has been great for innovation in the advertising world. It’s been incredible to watch and even better to be involved. I can only imagine that 2019 will be the best year yet!


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