32 Under 32 – Cheryl Faux from Heat

By Egotist / / We keep rolling along with the interviews with our 32 Under 32 winners. Today we’re publishing our chat with Cheryl Faux from Heat. Take a look at what this 22-year-old rising star has to say and her attitude and work that garnered her this award. We’ll see you back here tomorrow for yet another from our 32 Under 32 series. Congrats on being chosen as one of the top 32 advertising and marketing professionals under 32. When it comes to your job, what do you think you do differently to stand out? Thank you so much! Still can’t believe I was picked. Thanks for including me in such an incredible group of creators/makers/and do’ers. When a lot of people start out in advertising, I think the nerves of starting a new first job or constantly being in such an interactive and collaborative social environment, creates this invisible pressure that can push people to act differently or adjust their attitude to fit in. I’ve definitely felt that pressure, but I can confidently say that a majority of those nerves are now out of my system due to all the internships and mentoring I received throughout college. I’m truly grateful for the people that always remind me that being yourself is the best thing you can do for your agency. It’s that unapologetic spirt and my confidence in my unique perspective that makes me stand out. I also smile a lot and have been told that my [almost too loud] laugh is pretty contagious. What sort of things have you been doing at work that excite you? Outside of client work, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of running my agency’s social channels. I kind of fell into the role, as my colleague who previously handled the channels left a couple weeks into my first month. What started as the small role of posting #TBTs on Instagram eventually grew into working with a small – but fierce – team that develops content that highlight our agency, our work, and our people. It’s a little difficult because there’s no clear path or example for us to follow when it comes to social media channels, but on the other hand it’s exhilarating because we get to push boundaries on what’s acceptable for an agency to share and on the types of conversations we can have beyond our work. We’ve taken on Facebook Live, created a video series about people’s hobbies, and even threw an event honoring diversity in creative fields a few months ago. I’m really lucky to be able to have the trust and support of the agency to represent everyone in unique and innovative ways. What is it about where you currently work that really pushes you to be better? What immediately drew me to my current agency was the people. There’s a real camaraderie that makes it like no other agency I’ve ever worked at. People willingly hang out during the weekends, we’re always huddled around our desks talking about brand fails, and we actually support each other – not only inside the building but outside of it as well. I think that’s important because it adds to your relationship with someone when you see them fully in their element, doing what they love. I’ve grown and learned immensely, thanks to the support I have received from my colleagues. It’s a mixture of their drive, passion, and patience that keeps me motivated. Somewhere out there is a kid half your age who wants your job. What do you tell them? Wow. You’re a very smart 11-year-old. But instead of living your life and curating your internships to conform to advertising, find what you’re really passionate about in life and see how advertising can fit in that. As long as you are 100% yourself, you’ll find an agency that respects your unique qualities. In thinking over your career so far, what work has made you the proudest? My agency has always been a proud sponsor of the 3% Conference (if you don’t know what that is, please educate yourself: https://www.3percentmovement.com/) Last year for the event, we created a video series highlighting our badass female leadership, and this year we wanted to create something that the wider community could benefit from. A group of us got together and realized that a physical event in our very own office would be the perfect appetizer for the actual Conference in NY. So, with about a month to spare, we branded the event, got top executives who are passionate about diversity to speak on a panel, and worked our asses off to pull it off without a hitch. Not only was it a wonderful night devoted to an even better cause, it felt amazing knowing that it was a team effort. If it weren’t for every single person being on top of their responsibilities, there was no way we could have done what we did. Massive accomplishments like these are what push me to keep doing bigger and better things! What do you want to accomplish career wise? What are your goals? If I were to list them all out, we’d be here all day, so let’s just say Donald Glover is a huge inspiration to me. Where Aziz Ansari is a Master of None, Donald Glover is a Jack of all Trades. Everything he does, whether it’s music, stand up, or writing, he crushes. I love the fact that he doesn’t let a lack of experience stop him, moves across industries, adds his own personal twist, and collects accolades. Mad respect. What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received? To join MAIP. The Multicultural Advertising Internship Program is without a doubt the #1 reason why I’m here. It got me my first big agency internship, distinguished alumni to look up to, and an incredible network of diverse professionals I can rely on for advice, collaboration, and funny memes to get me through all the stress. It is one of the strongest resources that a young POC can have while navigating this crazy industry, and it’ll continue to be a valuable resource well into my career, even if I do ultimately move away from advertising. This might be tough, but here’s your chance to give a shout out to one person who has helped you get to where you are today. Go. Shout out to my mom for letting me leave my full ride scholarship to business school behind for art school. She wasn’t happy at all, as you can imagine, but she knew that I was happier and it was a better fit, and now look at where I am!