Overheard at a Super Bowl party

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Look, there are a thousand places you can get a take on every ad that ran during the Super Bowl. You don’t need more opinions from us. But what do actual, non-ad folks think? Since we attended a nice, outdoor, socially-distant Big Game party, we have your answers. We didn’t want to be the creepy losers doing no socializing, so we didn’t get them all, but here’s what we heard.

“What does that have to do with Toyota?”

“Shouldn’t this be running on the Olympics?”

“Oooh. I like her. What’s her name?”

“She’s so talented. Why is she doing commercials?”

“The guy at the end – he’s… someone.”

“I don’t get it. Was that supposed to be funny?”

“Can anyone understand what she’s saying?”

“That was really weird.”

“Funniest commercial so far.”

“How high were they while making this?”

“This was the first commercial I laughed at all game.”

“Does anyone use Rakuten?” [no response]

“I wanted Ted Lasso to show up. That would have been better.”

“Wait… are you crying from this?” [Yes, she was.]

“So they do a commercial about dark skin tones, but only show lighter people?”

“This is my favorite. I’d buy a Google phone just for this.”

“That was about… food waste?”

“Why was that guy from SNL in this? How much does he get paid for that?”

“How did the dog not break when he fell off the building?”

“Yeah, that was super unrealistic.”

“That was great. Funny.”

“Oooh – I need to get that for my kids.”

“That was cute. I want a massage chair like that.”

“That was a really good one.”

“I didn’t get it.”

“I think it’s a Big Lebowski reference.”

“Oh, I never saw that.”

“Love it. That was a good one.”

“Whaaaaaatttttt was that?”

“That looks so fake.”

“Why are all these celebrities pushing crypto?”

“I can’t believe Matt Damon and LeBron are pushing a scam like crypto.”

“You guys are all missing out. You should be buying crypto now!”


“Did anyone understand that?”

“I think you’re supposed to take a picture of it.”

“Who would do that?”

“That was fucking stupid.”

After the game was over, we casually asked people what they thought of the ads.

“They were ok. But I saw most of them before the game.”

“I don’t pay attention to them like I used to.”

“I liked the Google ad and a few others… I forget.”

“There weren’t as many really bad ones as in the past. Like the one with the QR code.”

“Eh. Some were ok. Paul Rudd always makes me laugh. That was a good one.”

“I didn’t even get what products most of them were for. Like, 2 seconds later I couldn’t tell you who did the commercial.”


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