“What I learned this year” by Chris Cummings, Chief Strategy Officer at BSSP.

by / January 2, 2020 /

Hope you all had an incredible New Year's Eve and Day. We're still moving a bit slow ourselves, but wanted to make sure you got the next installment of "What I learned this year." Today's comes from Chris Cummings, Chief Strategy Officer at BSSP. Enjoy!


First, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a thought for my and our year as BSSP.

We learned all sorts of different things this yea[Read More]

What I Learned This Year by Todd Eisner, Creative Director/Associate Partner at barrettSF

by / December 30, 2019 /

Only a couple more days in the year, but lots of excellent "What I learned this year" pieces to come. Kick off your money with this one from Todd Eisner, Creative Director/Associate Partner at barrettSF.


I learned an important lesson this year, courtesy of my four-year-old son. And Batman.

You see, my son likes Batman A LOT. Even more than that one guy at your offic[Read More]

“What I learned this year” by Carolina Cruz-Letelier Director of Client Services, Associate Partner, M/H VCCP

by / December 27, 2019 /

Our first "What I learned this year" piece was excellent. Our second one by Carolina Cruz-Letelier Director of Client Services, Associate Partner, M/H VCCP is just as awesome. Give it a read. Learn some stuff. We'll be back on Monday with another one.


2019 actually marks my 10th year working in the agency world[Read More]

“What I learned this year” by Josh Denberg, Founder/Creative Director at Division of Labor

by / December 26, 2019 /

It's the end of the year and now that you've likely finished embarrassing yourself at the office holiday party, there's only one tradition left: The SF Egotist's "What I learned this year" series. We'll have new pieces each day from amazing Bay Area creatives, and we're kicking things off with Josh Denberg, Founder/Creative Director at Division of Labor.


Ten years ago we had the chance to start Division of Labor and somehow we’ve manag[Read More]

Paul Venables launches non-profit to help further educate the children of India

by / July 31, 2019 /

We love writing stories about advertising people who go beyond the agency and work to make the world a better place. That's why we were so psyched to hear that Venables Bell & Partners Founder and Chairman Paul Venables was starting a non-profit that focused on creating generational change by investing in the education of Santal children in West Bengal. We talked to Paul about his vision for Tribe Rising India, why he chose this particular path, and how we can all help.
--[Read More]

Producing with Pride: 3 Steps Brands Can Take to Capture the LGBTQ+ Voice in Production

by / July 1, 2019 /

Happy Monday! We hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed all the fabulous Pride festivities. As a wrap-up to that, check out this great piece from Elyse Preiss, Head of Production at Portal A about how brands can capture the LGBTQ+ audience in an authentic and meaningful way.


The spending power of the LGBTQ+ community is real – and growing – on its way to hitting [Read More]

Ashley Sanders bring us the Super Bowl ads that challenged stereotypes

by / February 4, 2019 /

Ashley Sanders, SVP Group Account Director at Digitas, in conjunction with the 3% Conference's annual Super Bowl Tweetup, put together her thoughts on the spate of big game spots and called out some favorites that really challenged various stereotypes. Check it out:

Nearly half of this year’s Super Bowl audience was women, and representation increased significantly. The past 2 Super Bowls featured nearly 2.5x as many men as women, but this year was markedly [Read More]