What We Learned This Year: 2018, Firewood Marketing

by / December 17, 2018 /

We're back with another "What I learned this year." When we asked Firewood Marketing to contribute, we figured they'd have the CEO or maybe their ECD do it. Instead, they got the entire company involved. So enjoy the thoughts from the whole agency.

Firewood had a busy and exciting 2018. We opened new offices in Mountain View, Mexico City, New York City, and London. We continued our commitment to giving back thr[Read More]

What I learned this year: 2018, Kalee Abella, Senior Art Director at Heat

by / December 13, 2018 /

Yesterday we gave you the first of Heat's "What I learned this year" submissions. Well today we have the second one. This look back on 2018 comes from Kalee Abella, Senior Art Director at Heat. (Kalee also did the illustration.) Enjoy!

In the creative industry, it's easy to feel like your ideas are constantly getting killed, that time is being wasted on projects that you feel like you’re running in circles with, or being cornered into choices the client [Read More]

What I learned this year: 2018, Melissa Ploysophon, Senior Art Director, Heat

by / December 12, 2018 /

Heat went above and beyond in their "What I learned thus year" submission - they sent two. The first one is from Melissa Ploysophon, Senior Art Director, who drops some good knowledge - especially about the dogs. Give this one a read, then check back tomorrow for another piece from a Heat Senior AD.


Some *maybe* relevant things I’ve learned this year:
Don’t plan a trip to Hawaii that overlaps with your production. Coming bac[Read More]

What I learned this year: 2018, by Scott Gardner, CEO, Liquid Agency

by / December 11, 2018 /

Scott Gardner, CEO at Liquid Agency is our next "What I Learned This Year" piece. He talks about hitting reset, rethinking that you've done, and re-examining what your company stands for. Give it a read.


This has been a year of changing business climates and evolution and if there’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that business, brands, companies, even leaders, have to hit reset every year.

[Read More]

What I learned this year: 2018 by GSP Associate Creative Director Caroline Cappelli

by / December 10, 2018 /

Welcome back to the work week. We'll try and make your Monday a bit better with the latest "What I learned this year" from Goodby Silverstein & Partners' Associate Creative Director Caroline Cappelli. She learned a few things while taking a 3-month break from advertising. 

This year, I did something a little bit unconventional. I took a three-month break from advertising to travel around the western United States in a van. I know. I am a millennial clich[Read More]

What I learned this year: 2018 by John Kovacevich, ECD at Duncan Channon

by / December 7, 2018 /

We'll end the week with another in our "What I Learned This Year" series. This one is from John Kovacevich, Executive Creative Director at Duncan Channon. Having come from freelance, he tells us about the five big differences between agency side and client side. Enjoy.

After many years as a freelancer, 2018 was the year I pulled in my freelance shingle and got hitched again, [Read More]