What I Learned in 2020 – Laura Wimer, Mekanism

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We are all in need in some way. Here are 5 things I’m trying to integrate into my life for the new year.

Stories are still what connect us.
And what a perfect time to tell fewer stories and listen to more. Share when you need to share, but lead with an open ear and an open heart. I loved learning by listening to Tanqueray on Humans of New York. Everyone around you has a story to tell.

Creativity doesn’t have a schedule.
Zoom has made a lot of work life happen for people this year, but Zoom is a creative boner killer. The best ideas are not going to surface only in a Brady Bunch grid. Creativity is not going to happen on demand. Get outside (wear a mask), take a walk, talk to your neighbor you haven’t talked to in a while (or ever). Find humanity. Be in your environment. Learn to once again find inspiration in the places and faces where you live, and take that ability with you forever. For the foreseeable future your community isn’t going to be in your cubicle or office kitchen.

This isn’t about me. And, at least from time to time, it’s not about you.
It’s about us. In isolation, the WE has never been more crucial. In addition to creating, there’s all kinds of healing that still needs to be done, progress to be made, trust to be reestablished, and no one has ever done a trust fall alone. In our communities, everyone needs to fall into someone else’s arms—why not yours? Why not ours? This year I learned to replace “me” with “we.”

We are never finished.
Poof! It’s 2021 and everything wrong has gone away; everything broken is repaired. …Would be nice. But we have so much work to do. Let it fuel you. Turn it into power. Be an engine that filters the world through your soul and converts it into creative change. The upside of always being a work in progress is that we can always get a little bit better, a little bit weirder, a little bit more surprising.

Never stop promoting others who deserve success. Here are some brilliant people that deserve our attention and dollars.
Larkin street Youth Services


Laura Wimer is the Executive Creative Director at Mekanism


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