“What I learned this year” by Amy Wong, Art Director at Camp + King

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Happy Friday, everyone! We’ll be getting back to our regular post schedule soon, but we still have some amazing “What I learned this year” features to send your way. Today’s is by Camp + King Art Director (and new(ish) San Franciscan) Amy Wong.


A few lessons learned during my first year in the 7×7. 

1. Sometimes, just make the damn thing. 

Oftentimes, it’s easier and more practical to use CGI. But if there’s anything 2019 and Baby Yoda taught me, it’s that if you can bring something to life with practical effects, push for it. We had the chance to create these flapping robot penguins, and seeing them fully operational in front of the camera was incredible. 

2. Check in on friends’ morale. Even if it’s annoying. 

Let’s face it, 2019 was a rough one for many. After losing a close friend, I did some ruminating and realized something: In this day and age, we’re so heads down in our own lives that we often forget to check in. Plans can sometimes feel like moving targets. So, LPT: If there’s a friend you keep missing, pause right now and send them a simple “thinking about you today.”

3. We’re gonna be okay.  

From Greta being named TIME’s Person of the Year to the two high schoolers who started the feminist club HeForShe at their all-boys Catholic school, we can’t deny that the young people are going to be huge agents of change. Seeing Matt Chen (16) and Matias Benitez (17) address how gender equality benefits everyone—in front of thousands of ad industry leaders—was one of the highlights of 3% Conference.

4. What I learned from my grand tour of Chicago. 

Over the course of production this year, I’ve stayed in seven different hotels in the Chicago area and amassed quite a collection of slippers. The Langham’s take the cake. 

5. “Protect the agency. Protect each other.”

This is a quote from Jamie King that stuck with me. When I came to Camp+King, I quickly learned the name of every one of my coworkers. During our first Q meeting, I was surprised by the transparency and dialogue that was had. It’s true: from the day-to-day to burning-the-midnight-oil pitches, it takes a village. Protect your coworkers. Send that agency-wide email when they’re ticketing in the parking lot. 


You should have a scarf or sweater with you at all times. 

7. And just because the holidays are upon us… 

Mulled wine is much better if you pop it in the fridge overnight. 


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