What I Learned This Year by Todd Eisner, Creative Director/Associate Partner at barrettSF

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Only a couple more days in the year, but lots of excellent “What I learned this year” pieces to come. Kick off your money with this one from Todd Eisner, Creative Director/Associate Partner at barrettSF.


I learned an important lesson this year, courtesy of my four-year-old son. And Batman.

You see, my son likes Batman A LOT. Even more than that one guy at your office (you know the one). So, one night, way past bedtime, I could tell something was weighing heavily on my boy. Then, very earnestly, he asked the question that every man asks himself at some point.

“Dad, how do I become Batman?”

This was it. The teachable moment in which I would drop the wealth of Dad knowledge I had been stockpiling just for him. I began.

“First, you need to read lots of books. Because that’s what makes Batman smart.

Second, you need to be kind. Because Batman needs a lot of friends to help him beat the bad guys.

And third, you need to eat your entire dinner every night. Because that’s what makes Batman so strong.

If you do these things every day, and never give up, you can be Batman.”

He thought for a minute. Digested it. Then replied.

“Nah. I think I just need one of those hooks so I can walk up walls.”

It was the wisest thing I’d ever heard from someone with such a pronounced milk moustache.

Don’t think too hard. Don’t preach. Don’t over-explain.

Because there’s no playbook when it comes to creating something great. No magic formula that will sell the work, win the pitch, or turn you into the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Just get a hook and start walking up the wall.


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