Untitled Art Fair + Invisible Talks at CANOPY

October 3, 2018
06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
595 Pacific Avenue 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94133

In/Visible Talks and Untitled Art are passionate about promoting community and conversation around art and design. Join us as we discuss the benefits of breath and breathing and its relationship to the creative process. This panel discussion will be lead by Amanda Schmitt of Untitled Art Fairs. Panelists include artists Miriam Simun, and designers Chole Greene from Facebook, and Chris Delbuck of Calm.

Miriam Simun is an Artist, currently in residence at Headlands Center for the Arts. Her work investigates the implications of social, technological, and environmental change. Among my chief concerns are interspecies relationships; attending to sensorial, embodied forms of knowledge; and exploring the messy complexities and contradictory poetics residing at the intersection of Nature/Culture/Power.

Chloë Greene is a Creative Director and scuba-diving enthusiast. She’s started diving as a kid when her dad put a tank on her back in Acapulco, and has since made diving an integral part of her life. The time she spends in the sea — weightless and connected to her breath — shapes and emboldens her creative pursuits. When on land, she works closely with purpose-driven organizations to leverage social and environmental causes and has led creative teams for Huge, Facebook, Google, and Imprint Projects.

Chris Delbuck is a Head of Product Design at Calm, and focused on making products and experiences. He is also the Creative Director & Founding Board Member for Gray Area who’s mission is to apply art and technology to create social and civic impact through education, incubation and public events.

Amanda Schmitt is the Director of Programming & Development at UNTITLED, Art (Miami / San Francisco) and an Independent Curator. She specializes in working with international organizations to curate exhibitions, video screenings, large-scale and interactive projects, and performance series.

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