Amélie Company | CD or ACD Art Director/Designer


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Date Posted:
February 3, 2020


Seeking a miniature Appaloosa pony
and a digitally savvy art director/ACD or CD. Willing to settle for the latter.

Are you ready to be a bonafide work-life balance poster person? To actually live in Colorado as opposed to merely working here? Well, we may have some encouraging news: you may have just come across the right job posting.

We’re looking for a digital-first ACD or CD of the art direction persuasion. A self-starter who is willing to fight the good fight and live a good life doing it. You won’t find our kitchen stocked with sugary beverages, or people sleeping under their desks. In all fairness, we don’t even stock hay.

No offense to other cultures or ponies, but that’s not how we ride.

Here’s what the ideal CD/AD or ACD/AD candidate brings to the playground.

We want a cross-platform thinker who can help us do the right thing for our clients in all forms of media. If you’re a maker, all the better. But at the end of the day, we’re looking for the ideal balance of mentor and doer; Someone adept in both concept and design. A person who is weird in all the right ways.

Call us odd, but we believe that doing good work and having a good life aren’t mutually exclusive. Impossible, you say? We beg to differ.

We’re Amélie, and we exist to find the perfect balance between work and life. We solve tough problems. Societal issues. We create change. And most of the time, we appreciate the hell out of each other while doing it.

Sure, we love awards but we measure success by how much good we can do the world. We don’t do trash for cash. We don’t sell sugar water to kids or candy to Eskimos. We don’t peddle tobacco, or ambulance rides masquerading as double-cheeseburgers.

Simply put, we have standards.

And those who work for us do, too. We don’t bring our problems to work and try not to create more while we’re here. We work our tails off to do good work for good causes and companies with a viable reason for being. And we realize that working smart is the best revenge against burn-out. Bully tactics don’t work here. Sociopaths need not apply.

We offer year-round half-day Fridays because nothing recharges the ol’ batteries like heading into a weekend early.

We’re not a sweatshop but we expect people to work and sometimes that means sacrificing a night, a weekend, or a Friday afternoon. We believe that awards are awesome but that being at your kiddo’s piano recital, at Red Rocks for Sturgill, or enjoying the epic grandeur of Colorado is equally inspiring.

Which brings us back to that pony. We want that, too, but we’re willing to wait until we find our next creative comrade. Patience is a pony lover’s virtue.

The next move is yours.

P.S. Don’t send us a pony.

How To Apply

Please email [email protected] to apply.

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