Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners | Creative Resource Manager

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Type Of Work:
Sausalio, CA
Date Posted:
August 27, 2019


We’re BSSP. A fully integrated agency based in Sausalito, California. We’re a fast, modern, independent agency that solves business challenges with unexpected ideas. We combine creativity with insightful strategy and a helping of agility to deliver results for our clients. In 2018, we were named Small Agency of the Year by Ad Age. We’re perhaps best known for our work for brands like MINI, 2K Sports, Priceline, Blue Shield of California, Mitsubishi, FootJoy and many others.

We’re looking for the right person to join BSSP as our Creative Resource Manager. This is a mission critical hire for the agency at a time of big change in our industry. We need the right candidate to collaboratively partner with our creative leaders and other important agency stakeholders to build an effective, efficient and inspiring process helping teams develop their best work for our client partners. Importantly, you’ll be responsible for understanding the scope requirements of our clients and the resourcing needs of the agency on a day-to-day basis. We need you to think in part like an air traffic controller, helping to effectively allocate and best utilize the agency’s most valuable resource -- creative time.

Some of the important ‘softer skills’ for this job include: Proactivity, positivity, honesty, objectivity, collaboration, and resilience. Additionally, an ability to solve problems, drive alignment and push back appropriately when needed. In short, you are required to work through chaos, juggle multiple tasks while staying calm and keeping things moving to a successful conclusion.

You’ll report to the Chief Creative Officer and the Creative Directors. As mentioned, you’ll also be working and collaborating with a range of other key stakeholders in the agency.

• Understand the specific style (and even quirks) of the CCO, GCD and CD’s you’ll work with, flexing your approach to create a seamless (and fun!) dynamic.
• Understand the style, skill sets and experience of the creative teams in the agency, so that you are in a position to advocate for the best matches (team + project).
• Provide critical information on both the specific needs of the project as well as the types of creative talent that would be most successful, so that optimal team(s) can be allocated. Monitor the workload of the creative teams allocated to all the various projects on the account, so that you can drive effectiveness of the department’s resources.
• Work closely with Experience Team to manage all OOO - vacation, personal, production; ensure communication of these dates and troubleshoot issues.
• Provide a roadmap to creative teams to help prioritize their workload when necessary.
• Make sure the creative team assigned to the account has everything needed to concept effectively.
• Ensure the creative teams are holding themselves accountable to the expectations of the GCD’s and CCO and communicate regularly.
• Conversely, ensure GCD’s are providing clear, concise feedback to creative teams.
• Provide input to the Account Managers regarding appropriate internal milestones and timing, as they develop specific schedules for each project.
• Work with Account Managers and Finance Director to scope projects and retainer agreements to develop hours/FTE requirements for new contracts.
• Create a holistic master calendar for the account, which outlines key milestones.
• Maintain close and consistent communication with the account management lead on the account, and with Account Managers in regards to the status of delivery against internal milestones.
• Act as a resource to the AMs to help guide internal workflow and agency process.
• Ensure that AMs include production in the early stages of a project.
• When resource allocation process with GBD’s results in the need for freelance, work with DTE to attain approvals and facilitate ask (after fully interrogating it).
• Drive monthly meetings with GBD’s and MD to share this “data” and provide recommendations on future training, allocation and hiring.
• Be open and accessible to everyone in the creative department to be a sounding board and to provide counsel and help in resolving issues.
• Review weekly timecard reports for accuracy.

Qualifications & Superpowers:
• 3-5 years of experience in agency project management
• Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills are mandatory skills
• Patient and positive attitude
• Ability to handle multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities in stride
• Ability to plan ahead - regularly review, forecast and re-forecast your resource needs
• Ability to navigate high-pressure situations, identify problems + solutions, and escalate as needed
• Excellent verbal and written skills - communication and diplomacy skills are key
• Experience managing multiple junior to senior level creatives
• Ability and interest in mentoring, training and inspiring team members
• Understanding of agency processes and creative skill sets
• Experience in video, photography, print or digital production, a must
• Experience pooling and vetting appropriate creative candidates at all times