Vladimir Jones | Integrated Producer


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Type Of Work:
Date Posted:
July 30, 2019


Vladimir Jones has a need for an Integrated Producer!

Why does this job exist?
To find and orchestrate the creative resources we need to turn broadcast and digital projects into a reality.

Who does this role report to?
Executive Creative Director

What do you do all day?
1. Create and manage videos, photoshoots, digital, radio projects for various clients
• Work with account and financial leads to develop scopes of work, timing and pricing based on business and creative requirements.
• Keep a working knowledge of Denver-area and national production partners so you can suggest partners to the creative team.
• Negotiate timelines and bids with vendors so we can get the right production partners without compromising creative integrity.
• Be collaborative. Actively engage internal team members, across the agency, in the production process. Drive both understanding and enthusiasm through the process. Schedule key deliverables and hold all parties accountable for hitting them.
• Be nimble. Think on your feet, adjusting to production challenges as they come up with fast turnarounds, the need to adjust costs, and deliverables based on client needs.
• Be organized. Engage with the agency project management tools, systems and processes in ways that drive momentum across the agency, protect client confidentiality and contract requirements, and steward agency obligations.
• Know how to ingest and manage vendor contracts, develop and maintain budgets, interpret specifications sheets, provide insight during the concept stage, communicate needs to teams on how to finalize creative concepts, learn multiple systems, financial management to monitor external expenses to vendors and detailed invoicing.

2. Manage relationships with vendors and with teams across the agency
• Lead weekly scrums, helping ensure the right VJ team members are looped in at the appropriate time.
• Understand interactive process, including project management software.
• Have working knowledge of CMS software, and just enough industry knowledge to hold competent discussions with developers.
• Have the understanding and tenacity of a project manager to ensure all projects are on time and on budget.

3. Manage our in-house edit suite
• Keep a list of quality freelance editors and reach out to them when we need videos created in-house.
• Keep an eye on estimates and billing so our production suite stays profitable and busy.

Functional stuff
• Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
• Basic knowledge of current AICP/AICE bidding practices and SAG guidelines.
• Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Premiere Pro & Media Encoder. MailChimp, Workamajig, Microsoft Office, project management software, website ticketing & management systems such as Basecamp, Redmine or Trello.
• 5 – 7 years agency experience working on both content and integrated campaigns.

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