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Digital Marketing

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Minneapolis, MN
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March 19, 2018


A Substantial Internship of inconsequential Importance for people who question everything and want to change the world.

You: Interested in a Creative Internship

JOYCE is a collective of culture connoisseurs who share inspirations, creative processes, and life-learnings to collaborate and create the most thoughtful solutions for our clients.

We’re looking for some interesting people who are not afraid to share where they’ve been and what they demand from the future. All ideas for making advertising, marketing, screens, and brands better are welcome. Non-typical backgrounds encouraged, non-ad people a plus, a POV through a diverse and open lens of race and gender is ideal. From here, cool? Not from anywhere close to here, we need it.

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The internship will have a flexible start and end day but will run from approximately Jun 1 - Sept 1, 2018. It is a paid internship. The internship will focus on creating and documenting culture, forecasting trends, and designing ways for our clients to connect with their customers on a deeper and more meaningful level. We will make some cool work together and we will definitely have fun.

Remember JOYCE is small, so you will likely where multiple wigs, but a particular passion, focus, and technical skill set could look something like this:

Strategy Interns: Should be conceptual and creative-focused. Curious about what might work and educated on what definitely will not. Please come with thoughtfulness, inquisitiveness, and be ready to share your point of view on how to best meet creative goals for our clients.

Other things you might know/want to learn more about:
User persona documentation
Analyzing user data
Digital Marketing
Google Slides & Sheets
Actual slides and sheets

Copy Interns: Should understand how to write in a way that will make real live humans smile or feel something. Should also know how to talk about ideas to designers and clients. An interest in naming, brand storytelling would come in real handy. Do you like the internet, e-commerce, apps, and games and want to write for them? Good.

Other things you might know/want to learn more about:
User experience writing
Manifesto/brand voice creation
Content / social planning, strategy
Grammar and stuff. Or not?

Design: Possess a strong POV and the ability to make design trends not follow them. Know how to design for screens. All of them. Or be excited to learn how at least. Bring your ability to articulate a creative vision and your stamina to execute it through to the very last production detail. Do you know what a UX and a UI is? SVG float your boat?

Other things you might know/want to learn more about:
Exporting double retina graphics
What making a modern brand means
Print and digital production

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