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India has a deep historical and cultural connection to the world of fine fragrances. For centuries the town of Kannauj in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh has been known as the country's perfume capital, producing the traditional attar. A number of ingredients from India, including jasmine oils, sandalwood, and rose water, are used by luxury perfumeries around the world. But for all this rich heritage in perfumes, India never really had a home-grown perfumery brand with a global appeal. Rajiv Sheth's family has been in the perfume business for generations, exporting ingredients, perfumes & toiletries around the world. The joint family business, headquartered out of Dubai - The Unistar International Group of companies, had six manufacturing units in UAE, UK, USA, France and India; along with eighteen distribution companies across the globe. A vertically integrated operation that has captured a global market share of over 50% in the budget perfumes segment. It had reached annual revenue of US$ 250 Million in early 2000, being at its peak. In 2013, Rajiv Sheth, along with his uncle, a former chairman of the Unistar International Group, co-founded Just Scents Pvt. Ltd. and launched All Good Scents, which envisions to introduce Indians to high-quality fragrances at an affordable price. Company Description

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