Ameia Carter

San Jose

Member Since: 8/4/2020

Amelia Carter programmer's profile Basic Info: Amelia is a powerful developer specialized in the following programming areas C++, Python, Java and Matlab. With the highest quality possible on the timely manner she also handles tasks related to other programming fileds like PHP, Scala and Csharp. Personal Qualities: hard-working, reliabiity, honesty and responsibility are the top qualities associated with Amelia. They have helped her achieve the highest level of expertise, experience in comparison to her colleagues regardless the programming tasks and age. Education: graduate of California Institute of Technology (2016), holds a Master's degree in Computer Sciences. A qualified expert working in all the programming environments. Career For the past two years, Amelia has been a team member of AssignmentCore computer science homework writing service. Since she entered their doors, she has become a valuable part of their large programming community. She aims to become a team lead developer and seems to be quiet confident in what she's doing and how to become one.