RodrigoRuiz DeTeresaTrevino


Member Since: 2/7/2021

Rodrigo Ruiz De Teresa Trevino is a creative and adept businessman who has worked in various business sectors in Mexico. As an entrepreneur, Rodrigo has accomplished some of his most fulfilling work in the food and hospitality industries. He also created Classico, a restaurant chain located throughout various parts of Mexico. He is also known for his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and passion for entertainment and culture. He has built his dynamic career in multiple business sectors, including food/hospitality. As an entrepreneur he has served as a minor business partner for various restaurants and nightclubs. He provides concept ideas, food, decoration, and publishing; he also works on getting the word out and inviting people to visit so that business and customers alike can thrive. Rodrigo is proud to support the exceptional cuisine and nightlife of Mexico. Rodrigo continues to pursue his interests in entertainment, community, and culture. He is an accomplished businessman who has pursued other projects as well, Rodrigo enjoys networking with others and growing his global perspective. He also enjoys this on a recreational basis. Rodrigo has traveled extensively, and he enjoys soaking up knowledge and firsthand experience of cultures around the world. A sports and fitness enthusiast, Rodrigo spends much of his free time doing physical activities, from intensive workouts to snow sports to bowling. He also enjoys traveling internationally. Beyond Mexico, Rodrigo has been fortunate enough to travel through numerous parts of Europe and, more recently, parts of Asia (China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and many more). He loves to learn about other cultures, try new cuisine, and explore everything from ancient architecture to modern street art.