by / July 19, 2019 /

    EVB announced today the debut of the agency’s first major work for Panda Express. Comic-Con initially seemed like an odd place to launch the 11-week campaign, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense.

    The concept features a cute (but very mighty) “spokespepper,” Pep-Pep the Sichuan Wonderpepper, who needs their help traveling 11,888 miles from Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan Province, to Rosemead, California (where Panda Express is headquartered[Read More]

  • EVB rebrands Rebellyous Foods

    by / June 13, 2019 /

    EVB announced today the debut of a rebrand and positioning project for Rebellyous Foods (formerly Seattle Food Tech). Rebellyous Foods makes plant-based chicken nuggets, patties and chicken strips - and non-meat meat is certainly a hot commodity these days.

    EVB undertook a complete rebrand for the company, coming up with the Rebellyous name, new logo, updated collateral, and the launch of a new website. There's also a series of taglines t[Read More]


    by / May 20, 2019 /

    The One show may be over for another year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t win a gold pencil before next year’s show. Just in time for Friday, Zulu Alpha Kilo created the online game Pencil Pong. By visiting the site on your mobile device and using it as the pong paddle controls, you can propel yourself up the creative ranks to win One Show gold. You start the game as an intern, move up to CCO. As your caree[Read More]

  • OK GOT dorks, there’s a Fantasy League just for you.

    by / April 8, 2019 /

    Daenerys dies in Episode 1. Just kidding. No one knows for sure who's going to live or die in the final season of Game of Thrones, but one thing is for sure, everyone has their own prediction.

    Introducing... The League of Thrones. An unofficial fan site and online fantasy league where you can guess who lives, dies, or gets turned into a white walker each week. Use it as a tool to track your predictions and accuracy. Plus, join a communit[Read More]

  • Introducing Google Tulip

    by / April 1, 2019 /

    Decoding the language of flowers has been a decades-long challenge. But that changes today. Thanks to great advancements in artificial intelligence, Google Assistant on phones and Google Home is now able to understand tulips, allowing translation between Tulipish and dozens of human languages.

    This gets funnier as it goes, so watch it all.


    [Read More]