• Tech Leader Joins Firewood Marketing as SVP of Technology

    by / August 10, 2018 / Firewood Marketing announced today the hiring of Ron Davis as senior vice president of technology. The role is the newest on the agency’s senior leadership team. Davis is going to oversee the agency’s growing development team so they can do more development in-house. Davis most recently was as senior vice president of technology at Guidance Solutions, where he developed e-commerce application[Read More]

  • Gymboree Relaunches Brand with Where Eagles Dare

    by / July 17, 2018 / SF's own Gymboree just unveiled a rebrand and new campaign. Created by creative agency Where Eagles Dare, the integrated campaign introduces Gymboree’s new brand platform: “Made You Smile.” The centerpiece of the campaign is a full-length music video using the meme-famous Rick Astley. “In making the video, we wanted to stay authentic to the original ‘80s style Rick Astley dance, wi[Read More]

  • Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design

    by / July 12, 2018 / This sounds like it might be a screed about shitty web design. It's actually the opposite - it's about boiling down design to its core elements - in this case, just 7 bullet points. Read the whole thing here. Brutalist Web Design is honest about what a website is and what it isn't. A website is not a magazine, though it might have magazine-like articles. A website is not an application, althou[Read More]