• This ad was made on LSD.

    by / February 7, 2019 /

    Ok, so yes, we kinda click-baited you. The ads in San Francisco area issues of Rolling Stone magazine, for Revive Kombucha, are printed on LSD blotter paper (LSD not included). Along with related wildpostings, especially around Haight-Ashbury, the ’60s throwback campaign is advertising agency TDA_Boulder’s first work for the new client.

    Each of the 26,000 7.5” x 7.5” blotter paper sheets is perforated into 900 .25” x .25” tabs, or “hits,” just lik[Read More]


    by / January 2, 2019 /

    Hub Strategy and Communication has launched a new integrated marketing campaign for Catholic Charities that includes a full re-brand.

    If you're not familiar with Catholic Charities, they serve over 35,000 people a year through 32 different programs designed to serve the homeless, youth, HIV/AIDS patients, low income families, seniors, immigrants and adults with disabilities.

    To help counteract longstanding misconceptions about the organization, Hub was hired to re-brand Cathol[Read More]

  • Montblanc Sets Up Christmas Robot with Help of Studio Jean-Marc Gady

    by / November 28, 2018 /

    This is novel: Montblanc's new holiday window display features a "writing robot". In select boutiques throughout the world, the latest technology and traditional calligraphy are coming together to create giant wish lists, thanks to the help of Studio Jean-Marc Gady. As the robot moves back and forth the Montblanc pen it holds forms a classic holiday image, from snowflakes to ornaments. First unveiled in Barcelona mid-November, the robot can write up to 170 phrases in 8 languages, in a varie[Read More]

  • BSSP and NBA 2K launch data-driven campaign

    by / November 21, 2018 /

    Bron’s on.
    Migos are on.
    Morning, noon and night, the world’s on.
    The players who want to be seen are on.

    NBA 2K19, and BSSP, launched their newest campaign yesterday – Everyone’s On, where they actually leverage in-game data to showcase highlights such as the number of 3’s scored, or how many times Jordan beat LeBron each day.

    We hate that the Lakers have won 291,342 championships this year, but the Dub's Boogie Cousins winning the MVP 49,034 ti[Read More]

  • Hub created life-sized blue whale from plastic for Monterey Bay Aquarium

    by / November 9, 2018 /

    The Monterey Bay Aquarium asked Hub San Francisco, their AOR, to come up with an idea that would “stop people” and make them think about the problem of plastic in the ocean. We think this giant blue whale will do the trick.

    The life-sized mammal - 82 feet long - was created out of locally-sourced plastic trash and debuted on October 13th near Golden Gate Bridge on Crissy Field. Based on the hundreds of Facebook and Instagram photos[Read More]

  • Duncan Channon knows “Game Recognize Game”

    by / October 16, 2018 /

    We're both excited and sad for the Warriors’ final season playing at Oracle Arena in Oakland. But Duncan Channon's ‘Game Recognize Game’ work makes things a bit better. It's a dedicated campaign to recognize the famously loyal fans who’ve supported the Warriors across five decades of history. ‘Game Recognize Game’ celebrates the franchise’s legacy in Oakland through novel pairings of Warriors players -- old school and new -- that have given fans reasons to cheer for 47 seasons. [Read More]

  • Hub Strategy and Communication breaks work for VIPKid

    by / October 10, 2018 /

    Hub Strategy and Communication just launched new US marketing efforts for global education company VIPKid with a re-brand and an integrated campaign. The city-by-city launch approach was led by Dallas/Forth Worth and most recently went live in Atlanta.

    Hub was hired to re-brand the company’s U.S. presence including messaging, visual identity, brand personality and all go-to-market materials. Hub developed the company’s brand guidelines, as well as created and produced a fully inte[Read More]

  • Uber and Manifold build giant car radio stage to showcase Austin Uber driver/musicians

    by / October 8, 2018 /

    Uber's new line is "movement ignites opportunity." So what better way to provide opportunity to local Austin musicians (who also drive on the Uber platform) than to invite them to play their original music live on stage alongside one of the country’s largest music festivals.

    Uber Radio Live is a live music event featuring a larger-than-life car radio stage. Before and after special pop-up performances by local artists, fans got to control the playlist performed by a live cover band [Read More]