• Sir Kensington’s Surreal First-Ever Brand Campaign

    by / May 21, 2019 /

    Sir Kensington’s, the food company known for its line of certified non-GMO condiments and dressings, just launched its first brand campaign with San Francisco-based creative agency Gold Front— led by a 60-second web film and OOH in San Francisco.

    The campaign is built around the idea that while food culture has experienced a revolution in the last few decades—where people care more than ever about the quality, source and flavor of their food[Read More]

  • DDB SF reminds us it all adds up with a campaign that saves energy

    by / April 17, 2019 /

    Energy Upgrade California, in partnership with DDB San Francisco, is leading by example this Earth Day with ‘The Most Energy Efficient Campaign Ever.’ The campaign launches with a dark TV spot that actually saves up to 20% more screen energy than the average commercial. From radio to outdoor to activations, every piece of the campaign will save a little bit of energy and encourage people to do the same because as the campaign says[Read More]

  • This ad was made on LSD.

    by / February 7, 2019 /

    Ok, so yes, we kinda click-baited you. The ads in San Francisco area issues of Rolling Stone magazine, for Revive Kombucha, are printed on LSD blotter paper (LSD not included). Along with related wildpostings, especially around Haight-Ashbury, the ’60s throwback campaign is advertising agency TDA_Boulder’s first work for the new client.

    Each of the 26,000 7.5” x 7.5” blotter paper sheets is perforated into 900 .25” x .25” tabs, or “hits,” just lik[Read More]


    by / January 2, 2019 /

    Hub Strategy and Communication has launched a new integrated marketing campaign for Catholic Charities that includes a full re-brand.

    If you're not familiar with Catholic Charities, they serve over 35,000 people a year through 32 different programs designed to serve the homeless, youth, HIV/AIDS patients, low income families, seniors, immigrants and adults with disabilities.

    To help counteract longstanding misconceptions about the organization, Hub was hired to re-brand Cathol[Read More]

  • Montblanc Sets Up Christmas Robot with Help of Studio Jean-Marc Gady

    by / November 28, 2018 /

    This is novel: Montblanc's new holiday window display features a "writing robot". In select boutiques throughout the world, the latest technology and traditional calligraphy are coming together to create giant wish lists, thanks to the help of Studio Jean-Marc Gady. As the robot moves back and forth the Montblanc pen it holds forms a classic holiday image, from snowflakes to ornaments. First unveiled in Barcelona mid-November, the robot can write up to 170 phrases in 8 languages, in a varie[Read More]