AKQA writer creates Apocalypse Cakes.


By Egotist / / By day, Shannon O’Malley is a copywriter for AKQA. By night (or technically, on the weekends), she creates the funniest end-of-the-world cakes you’ve ever seen. From Jonestown Kool-Aid Cake to Agent Orange Carrot Cake, she, along with photographer Keith Wilson, bake, shoot and blog about wonderfully politically-incorrect confections. Their sure-to-be-awesome picture book, Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes From the End will be published by Running Press in the spring of 2011. Check out the Apocalypse Cakes blog here. Via.


  1. Shannon O'Malley September 24, 2010

    Thanks! I’m not at AKQA
    Thanks! I’m not at AKQA anymore though.

  2. The San Francisco Egotist September 24, 2010

    Ah, sorry. Your resumé still
    Ah, sorry. Your resumé still says that. Where are you now? Any updates on the book?

  3. Shannon O'Malley September 27, 2010

    I was freelancing at AKQA and
    I was freelancing at AKQA and am now here and there. The book is awesome! The folks at EVB let us shoot some cakes in their production space, so now the photos for the book are all shot. We’ve got 30 new nasties ready to go, including a President Palin Half Baked Alaska. And we’ll be deploying some secret recipes that our publisher wouldn’t let us include in the book, so check our Facebook page for upcoming unholy creations.

    Thanks for your compliments on the cakes.