Agency Insider: Heat’s new space


By Egotist / / On Friday, May 13, Heat moved from its original, and until now, only home, on Pier 33, to larger offices at 1100 Sansome St., in the historic Telegraph Hill district. The space has over 12K sq. ft., 25-foot ceilings, and a roof deck. It is the former home of Second Life founder co., Linden Labs. ECD Steve Stone and Designer Patrick Printy set out to make it more homey, less dot-com-y. The four conference rooms are lounge-like, designed more for conversation than for buttoned-down “Meetings.” The main room, called “Liberace,” has two giant, tufted, rolled-arm library sofas. All feature framed metal walls where presented work can be hung up with magnets. And each is named for one of the triskaidekaphiles who share our new office’s May 13 birthday: Liberace, Billy Martin, Megan Fox, and Sir Dudley North (died 1691). And yes, they’re still on the lookout for the “perfect” Liberace candelabra! Got one? The lobby is mid-century flea market meets meat market. Directly over reception hangs one half of the very sign that once illuminated San Francisco’s Herb’s Meats. After some creative unscrewing, the light bulbs now read, “HEAT.” The sign’s other half is in the kitchen. Printy also designed the walnut desks with hot rolled steel tops, and had them fabricated by a Sonoma carpenter. The Eames side chairs are army green and yellow fiberglass, and the desk lamps are contemporary, but re-wired with vintage, braided power cords. Printy is all about a “found-and-transformed” design ethos. He looks for “good bones” and contours in his furniture, then finishes in anything from white cowhide to Brooks Brothers charcoal pin stripe—as on the couches now in our conversation nooks, or in break-out spaces scattered throughout the office and meant for concepting, on-the-fly meeting, or afternoon napping. Similar mixed-influence furniture defines the two partners’ offices, along with two classic tables by Eames’ sometime collaborator, Aero Saarinen. In the huge kitchen is a 16′ farm table that seats more than half the agency, and at the far end a mid-century bar takes in the bright morning light from a 20’ wall of East-facing loft windows. Just beyond is a 30′ wall of graffiti art, by creative director Nei Caetano. The new space houses an editing suite and a production studio where producers and designers (broadcast, print and digital) can all play together nicely… and an EA Sports video gaming room, where they can battle their virtual brains out. A stuffed goat’s head, wearing pearls, sets the tone. Stone and Printy sum up the overall look: “It’s like 51 people were living comfortably together in a loft, and one day decided to start an agency.” More after the jump.


  1. Jonathan Harris June 14, 2011

    Appropriately hot.
    Appropriately hot.

  2. ronniehiggins June 14, 2011

    Can I have a floating office
    Can I have a floating office in your space? Looks amazing.

  3. MattM June 14, 2011

    I’ve always said I wanted to
    I’ve always said I wanted to make conference rooms like living rooms – literally with couches, coffee tables, rugs, family portraits on the wall, etc.

    Sitting in a conference room with the client on one side and the agency on the other to present work always felt so us-against-them to me.

    Nice work by Heat to make the new space more homey and less investment bank or cube farm.